Friday, December 10, 2010

louis vuitton festival of lights

every so often louis vuitton holds an exclusive shopping party in the store. and if we're not mistaken, this must be the first in their temporary location in greenbelt 5. the theme was diwali, the hindu festival of lights. of course, medyo late because that happens in november, pero bagay na rin because it's christmas time, another festival of lights! check out these models below in saris and bindis, carrying the hottest and latest from louis vuitton.

more pix from the party scene and the shopping frenzy that went on that night!
but the star (or stars) that night was the fine-jewelry collection that was flown in especially for the event.
we wanted to snap more pix, but one of the uniformed staff who was obviously not from here because of her accent stopped us right after we shot this. ngek. anyhoo, if you want to buy jewelry for someone (or yourself) this christmas, go now because pieces were limited and people were buying!

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