Thursday, December 02, 2010

marriott mini tour

last week, we were invited to have lunch at the marriott manila, located in the newport city complex across NAIA 3. it was our first time at the hotel and we were given a mini tour by michelle garcia, the hotel's marketing communications manager. here she is showing off their christmas tree.
might not be as impressive as other hotels' giant christmas trees, but they have a promo for a good cause: buy a christmas ball to hang for P200 and the money goes to habitat for humanity. go buy balls!
we love this bar in the lobby lounge! it has a lovely view of the villamor golf course:
we plan to go back here one day for happy hour. there was even a string quartet playing chirstmas songs while we there. it was so relaxing.
you can also go to the patio in the back. really nice when it's a bit cloudy and breezy. just watch out for flying golf balls ;-)
we like the baño too hee-hee...
and then there's marriott's pièce de résistance: cru steakhouse. nice interiors...
another thing to come back for. gotta check out the competition hehe...
a little more exploration and we found ourselves in the hotel next door, resorts world, which has luxury shops on the ground floor, most of them still closed. hmmm kailan kaya bubukas? they're missing the christmas-shopping season!

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