Friday, December 31, 2010

top 10 trends of 2010

this new year's eve, we decided to get away from the city, the traffic, the noise, the fireworks, the smoke, and the pretentiousness, and spend it in a quiet beach. at least dito may internet connection! (yes, our sky broadband is still on the blink...) which means we're blogging on the fly without our collection of over 40,000 photos (yikes, time to deletedeletedelete), so we'll be stealing some photos from (if you want to see what stylish outfits real people are wearing to the most exclusive events, visit their site!) (and sometimes we're there hehe...) (thanks, stylebible!)

1. hats
the last time we wore a hat simply for fashion and not because it served any purpose (to shield you from the sun, for ROTC, as part of a costume), we were 12 years old. and it was a sailor hat. these days, people wear hats too for fashion and not because it serves any purpose!

2. hairpieces
and if a hat is too much, take your pick from the many hair accessories out there that can turn your look from so-so to so-chic with just a few feathers, some tulle, and a sprinkling of sequins.

3. over-the-knee boots
a few years ago, when we bought a pair of over-the-knee boots, it was because we were traveling to china in the dead of winter. this year you didn't need a reason to wear them. except to look fierce!

4. iPad
hands down (no pun intended), the accessory of the year! come on, how many people have you seen walking around, carrying an iPad like it was the latest clutch bag? and we're talking about the guys.

5. strappy platform open-toe booties
that just about describes the shoe you'll get if the ankle boot and the strappy sandal got married and had a child—which then took steroids. wear this if you want to intimidate people. we know we do hehe...

6. Forever 21
the brand of the year! when this american mass-market brand opened in july in a mega space in megamall with nothing priced over P2,000, it made the other stores nervous. stay on your toes, people, because forever 21 will be opening a second branch in 2011—in makati!

7. nerdy eyeglasses
wish you didn't have 20-20 vision so you could wear nerdy-cool eyeglasses? that's ok, just knock the lenses off those vintage frames—no one will be the wiser ;-)

8. onesies/rompers/jumpsuits
these have great appeal—on a mannequin. because a mannequin does not have to use the toilet. where do you put all the extra fabric when you pull the top part (and your undies) down? let it drag all over a wet tiled floor?? eewww...

9. balance bracelets
we would ask people who wore them, what are those for? for balance daw. you mean if you take them off, you're going to tip over? siguro. this has not been explained to us properly.

10. heels with socks
we had been doing this for quite some time, but not for fashion reasons. it was necessary when, after strapping on our high-heeled sandals, we would spot the big toenail with the chipped polish. shrug. add socks. problem solved.

runners-up: harem pants, shredded leggings, denim cutoffs with the front pockets hanging out, running


Rachelle said...

Hi Liza! Happy New Year! The balance bracelets have two magnetic spots that pinch a certain pressure point in your wrist, which is supposed to improve your balance. I tried a phiten one when I was doing yoga, and it improved my balance poses.

Ngayon, di na ako pwedeng mag-yoga, yogurt na lang. :)

Birdie said...

The Balance thing is a fake as seen in a public apology by the brand in their official website

* * *

In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility.

We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct in breach of s52 of the Trade Practices Act 1974.

If you feel you have been misled by our promotions, we wish to unreservedly apologise and offer a full refund.

To obtain a refund please visit our website or contact us toll-free on 1800 733 436

This offer will be available until 30th June 2011. To be eligible for a refund, together with return postage, you will need to return a genuine Power Balance product along with proof of purchase (including credit card records, store barcodes and receipts) from an authorised reseller in Australia.

This Corrective Notice has been paid for by Power Balance Australia Pty Ltd and placed pursuant to an undertaking to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission given under section 87B of the Trade Practices Act, 1974.