Wednesday, December 29, 2010

we're still here

dear the fash pack followers,

please forgive the lack of posts in the last week or so. it's not really because of the mad holiday rush. this year, we finally admitted to ourselves that we are not really a christmas person. we don't shop for gifts months ahead. we don't decorate our home with tons of tinsel. and we certainly don't plan any holiday parties at home! but yes we had one party at home. and ok there was some last-minute shopping. and there was definitely a lot of frantic gift-wrapping one hour before our family's christmas-eve dinner (luckily, we had really nice wrapping paper from lili & nana :-)

anyhoo the reason for the lack of posts is because of our internet connection!! or rather the lack of it!! now we don't wanna get all technical, but sky broadband, ang labo mo!! and don't blame mercury in retrograde!! (although it has wreaked a little bit of havoc everywhere...)

but we would like to share one heartwarming story. yesterday, the hubby accidentally dropped his wallet while crossing the street in rockwell center. later, when he realized his wallet was missing, he retraced his steps again and again, but could no longer find the wallet. as he was about to call the credit-card companies, he got a call from his mom. apparently, a driver found the wallet on the street and delivered it to the address listed in the hubby's driver's license (his old address, where his parents still live). and everything—cash, cards, everything!—was intact! nothing missing! unfortunately, they failed to get the driver's name or number, so the hubby couldn't even thank him or give him a reward. so please say a prayer for this kind stranger. may god bless him!!!

happy holidays, everyone! and wishing you all a brighter, better 2011!!!


the fash pack


I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

i read this on your husband's twitter, ang bait ng driver :)

Lele said...

There's still hope for the Philippines! Wow! If only our leaders/government weren't so corrupt...

Sayang mr taxi driver, libre sana philly cheesesteak mo for one year :))

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

That's a really lovely story that genuinely made me smile! Amazing!