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when this article below first appeared last sunday, facebook and twitter went crazy over it, starting guessing games on who the big bad blogger and PR firm could be. for those of you who haven't read it, here it is:

Sunday Inquirer Magazine

Please Don’t Give Blogging a Bad Name
By Margaux Salcedo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 15:42:00 01/22/2011

Filed Under: Internet, Computing & Information Technology, Food, Lifestyle & Leisure, blogging

GEORGIA opened a restaurant sometime between 2000 and 2010. It was received well by the public. It quickly gained popularity by word of mouth. Before long, the country’s most read newspaper (“balanced news, fearless views”) wrote about her, expanding her restaurant’s clientele even further.

One day, The (PR) Firm approached Georgia, telling her that she could increase her sales by three if she hired them. Georgia gently declined, saying that she had been lucky in receiving good reviews from the press. “But we can also help you through social media,” The Firm’s representative said. “We call this service ‘buzz creation’ or word-of-mouth generation,” the rep explained.

The Firm said that if hired for this service, they would invite bloggers to eat at Georgia’s restaurant and blog rave reviews. They would also create a restaurant Facebook page and make sure that a significant number would “Like” the resto’s page. When the resto would be featured in a blog, they would make sure that there are positive comments on that post.

To the dear readers who don’t blog, let me give a briefer. A blog is one’s online page. For example, I have a blog where I talk about my restaurant experiences; its URL (site address) is A blog works like a personal diary or notebook (you could name yours Minnie’s Musings or Trina’s Travels) but it is instantly published for the whole world to see (or not, i.e. you can also opt to keep your posts private).

Posts could be as mundane as snippets of a lazy day, as heavy as Manolo Quezon’s take on the Arroyo Administration, as hurtful as attacks on a woman’s Belo’d boobs. But soon enough blogs became so popular that otherwise private personalities became public figures and personal posts became practically public sites. Some food bloggers have become quite powerful in the sense that a post could draw a crowd to an otherwise neglected restaurant or drive customers away by ranting that the service, the soup or some such thing was terrible.

Food bloggers, especially, were revered as reliable sources because they were perceived to be independent of any influence, paying for their own meals and untouched by PR firms. Certain bloggers, like the Marketman ( or Lori Baltazar ( have worked hard to maintain this integrity.

But PR firms have caught on. Marketing is no longer limited to tri-media or traditional media, i.e., TV, radio and print. It now also extends to social or new media: a website, a Facebook page, mentions on Twitter, online directories and blogs. The Firm that approached Georgia told her that if she was willing, they would make sure that her restaurant got positive reviews on the Net. Still, Georgia declined, believing that she would succeed on her own merits.

A few days later, Big Bad Blogger ate at her restaurant. He smiled, ate like a regular blogger, took pictures with his ginormous SLR, and paid for his meal. He wrote a raving review about the restaurant. She thought it was a sincere review.

However, a few days after THAT, The Firm called Georgia again. “Have you seen Big Bad Blogger’s post?” they asked. Of course she had. “He works with us. We have an arrangement with him. We can make sure that more bloggers write about your restaurant the same way if you hire us.”

How much? Georgia asked. The price demanded: P120,000 a month for a year. “What?!” Georgia thought. “These guys are crazy.” And again she gently declined. They lowered the offer to P80,000. (That’s P80,000 per month x 12 months or P960,000; almost a million bucks.) Georgia still declined.

Cut to a year later when Georgia opened another restaurant. Big Bad Blogger visits. Again, he smiled, ate like a regular blogger, took pictures with his ginormous SLR, and paid for his meal. This time, though, he wrote a scathing review. A few days after that, The Firm called Georgia again. “Have you seen Big Bad Blogger’s post?” they asked. Of course she had. “He works with us. We can make sure he retracts his comments and clarifies that your restaurant is not bad but really good after all.” For the same price.

One can draw one’s own conclusions from this. Maybe Georgia is overreacting to a negative review. Maybe The Firm was only claiming to have relations with Big Bad Blogger for their own sinister purposes, unbeknownst to Big Bad Blogger. Or maybe the suspicions are true and Big Bad Blogger bows to the highest bidder. Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: Georgia is now afraid of the blogging community. And this fear resonates among other restaurateurs who have had the same experience.

In fact, when I asked Georgia if I could name her, she pleaded not to be named, afraid that the blogger might retaliate: “They pretend to be unbiased and unpaid but they are now being used by PR firms.” She shared that for the launch of a dessert product, the PR firm invited bloggers and gave away Lomo cameras. “But they’re worse than traditional media,” Georgia continued, “because we never experienced that kind of extortion from food writers. What happens now is you have to pay the PR firm for your protection from these bloggers. The thing about blogs is that not a lot of people know that they are already becoming a PR arm.”

This is sad because the blogging community was that one last community that we could rely on for the truth (aside from the Sunday Inquirer Magazine, of course *wink*). Now while this is solely Georgia’s story, resonated by others who have likewise been approached by The Firm, for us writers, and especially for bloggers, it is likewise tragic, because it gives writing, in general, and blogging, in particular, a bad name.

There’s nothing wrong with expressing one’s opinion. Just make sure it is indeed your own. There is also nothing wrong with trying to get a free meal. Just please don’t make the rest of us writers and bloggers pay for it. Certainly neither writers nor restaurateurs have the right to tell the Big Bad Blogger or The Firm to stop doing business. This is just a little request to please not give blogging a bad name. We’re watching you. •

now before you go judging or accusing anyone, read this:

Jagged Jaded Journalist and the Big Bad Blogger

Tags: Subtext

On a slow news day (Sunday), a journalist opts to write about an irresponsible blogger who allegedly conspired with a public relations firm to extort money from a restaurant owner.

It would have been a good story, except for three things: (1) No names were given; (2) minimal details were given on the circumstances behind the restaurant owner’s allegations; and, to make matters worse, (3) the author used only one source (i.e., the restaurant owner named Georgia) in writing her article.

In an article “Please Don’t Give Blogging a Bad Name” published in the Sunday Inquirer Magazine last January 23, journalist Margaux Salcedo interviewed an anonymous female restaurant owner who fell victim to a so-called Big Bad Blogger (BBB) and an unnamed public relations (PR) firm that offered to make BBB stop writing negative reviews about her restaurant “for a price.” The full text is available online at

Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn’t waste your precious time by calling your attention to an article which is better off ignoring. But the reactions of many bloggers on Salcedo’s article prompt me to give my two cents on the issue as there are angles that need to be discussed in the context of standards of responsible writing.

Bloggers have every reason to demand that Salcedo name names and not hide characters behind catchy aliases like BBB. If divulging the identity of the blogger and PR firm is impossible, then it is the responsibility of the journalist to explain why this is so.

At this point, I only need to briefly analyze the form and content to make better sense of the article’s shortcomings. In terms of content, the article provides very limited information and context. As regards the article’s form, Salcedo’s diction needs to be analyzed: For example, the use of the phrase “big bad blogger” gives the impression that the blogger in question is indeed being paid by a PR firm that, in turn, allegedly tries to coerce the restaurant owner to give money.

Salcedo is actually not sure of the connection between BBB and the PR firm. What more can we make of this paragraph written by Salcedo which is full of speculation? “Maybe Georgia is overreacting to a negative review. Maybe The Firm was only claiming to have relations with Big Bad Blogger for their own sinister purposes, unbeknownst to Big Bad Blogger. Or maybe the suspicions are true and Big Bad Blogger bows to the highest bidder. Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: Georgia is now afraid of the blogging community. And this fear resonates among other restaurateurs who have had the same experience.”

In reading Salcedo’s article, “one thing’s for sure” (to borrow her words): Her uncertainty is due to lack of in-depth research as she failed to get the side of BBB and the concerned PR firm. Even if the journalistic output is packaged as a column article (Menu) in the Sunday magazine, it must be stressed that columnists need to share opinions based on research, particularly multiple sourcing.

A single-sourced article like Salcedo’s, not surprisingly, presents only one side of the story, important details of which are even wanting. There was no effort, for example to get the circumstances behind the restaurant owner’s reaction to the alleged negative review written by BBB.

Unlike some bloggers who argue that the article puts blogging (especially food blogging) in a bad light, I would rather reserve my judgment until more details are provided. While I share their assertion there are indeed irresponsible bloggers in our midst, I don’t think a badly-researched journalistic article like Salcedo’s serves as evidence of this.

The article mainly serves to titillate rather than inform, which can be perceived as “jagged” in the sense that it is of rough quality (or, simply put, a rough draft that should have been improved by meticulous researching and rewriting). One cannot be blamed if Salcedo is also described as “jaded” because of perceived exhaustion to unearth significant data.

Indeed, it is the jagged, jaded journalist who created the big bad blogger on a supposedly slow news day. The basic challenge for bloggers and other concerned readers is to objectively criticize it and not engage in subjective, knee-jerk accusations that do nothing in raising discourse to a higher level. (from

well said.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

supermodel baby

woke up this morning to good news: danica magpantay won the supermodel of the world finals in new york! the first filipina to win the top prize! her mother lala flores, who was also a supermodel of the world finalist back in the day-turned-makeup artist-turned-supermodel maker, posted this photo on twitter and facebook: pictured with danica in the middle are the two runners-up from lithuania (left) and poland (right). we've had the pleasure of working with danica and when you see her walk into set, she looks just like any teenager in her denim cutoffs, sandals, and big bag. even when she's all made up and dressed in a gown, she still looks like any pretty girl dressed to go out. but when you put her in front of the camera, that's when the magic happens! we got goosebumps watching her! congratulations, danica! wishing you all the success in your new career as a supermodel!

Friday, January 21, 2011

fun with numbers

here's something funny we saw on facebook this morning:

TRY THIS FOR FUN: add the last two digits of your year of birth and your age for this year. say, 1980 and 31 (80 + 31).... you must get 111 as the total!

and it's true! but we'll never tell what numbers WE added up... ;-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

harper's bazaar mistake?

today we downloaded our february issue of harper's bazaar into our ipad with nicole kidman on the cover looking like a doll (and we don't mean that as a compliment). as we were going through the pages, we had to stop at one and look at it real close. can you spot the mistake??
people who work in publishing will recognize the mistake immediately!! it's the dreaded TK!!! when the artist lays out the page and it's still missing copy or a hedline, or he wants extra text to enhance the layout, he puts a TK. then someone is supposed to fill it in. since harper's bazaar has a battalion of staff, it's SOMEONE's job to make sure it gets filled!! in our decades (!) as an editor, this has happened to us several times and each time it does and you see it on the printed page, you lose all the blood in your face, feel faint, get a pain in the pit of your stomach, feel like throwing up, and you want the earth to open up and swallow you whole. homaigad...

...or maybe they meant for it to be like that...?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

everybody must watch this video!!!

now that we own a laptop, we have been very very praning about carrying it around. and why not?? we have heard too many horror stories about personal gadgets being stolen—it is anyone's worst nightmare! because your laptop contains your most personal, your most secret, your most precious, your most irreplaceable items, having it stolen is like being raped! because you feel violated! so imagine how this guy in the video felt about having his laptop stolen from right under his—and his friends'!—nose! by a regular-looking guy! in full view of many many people! and not in some dark, deserted alley, but in a well-lit restaurant! no one and nowhere is safe!! so please watch this video so that you are aware of how these low-life thieves work:

here's another view of the same incident:

take good care of your stuff and hold on for dear life!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

rainy bora

it's not like we're boracay regulars, but we have never been here on a rainy day. today when we woke up, there was a constant drizzle, a light breeze, and gray skies. it was actually quite pleasant :-) and the waves have been extra huge! this was our view during breakfast:

the hubby and i are staying at the boracay regency beach resort & convention center. don't be deceived by the convention-center part of the the resort's name; there's nothing "businessy" about it. it's a huge beachfront resort on station 2 that has this staircase where people always stop to have their picture taken:

our room isn't beachfront, though, which is ok because, man, we don't wanna be kept up by the pseudo-rock bands singing out of tune with basag-sounding equipment haha! here's our view:

and we have been quite impressed with the food! we had a late lunch at their christina's café and we were so happy with our order: caprese salad, seafood crepe, and liguini pescatore. and this afternoon, to cap this lovely day, we booked a swedish massage at their luxury spa called kai:

so happy with our therapists marj and ellen... the hubby was actually snoring sshhh... the rain has stopped, so right now, we're having cocktails on the beach, watching strong waves pound on the shore, waiting for the sun to go down, people watching... this is boracay the way we like it :-)

the fash packs: boracay

yup, we're back in bora, baby! arrived here yesterday afternoon to gorgeous weather...

we all need those negative ions (NOT negative vibes!) every so often and the beach is the best place to get them. we also noticed this new sign posted on the coconut-tree trunks:

well, we say it's about time! aside from empty plastic bottles, candy wrappers, and potato-chip pouches, we've seen too many cigarette butts buried in the sand. this is not a medical advisory, but an environmental one: smoke if you want to in designated areas, but please dispose of your butts properly. mother nature will thank you :-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

be healthwise with shopwise

we love shopping at shopwise! aside from those crazy deals and promos they have every so often (beef day! chicken day! chocolate day!), we're the proud owner of a shopwise privilege card--which means we get to queue up with our groceries at a special lane. no waiting! today, shopwise added another new service that makes it a true one-stop shop: a pharmacy.
this is located at the branch in festival supermall, alabang. if we're not mistaken, this was their very first branch. and one of the biggest, if not the biggest. so before or after you do your groceries, drop by and purchase your prescription at the counter. everything else can be paid at the supermarket register.
they even offer a free mini-checkup service, like getting your blood pressure and checking if you're in the pink of health.
we decided to have ourselves checked and in spite of failing questions like do you drink milk (no) and do you drink alcohol (yes) and how often (everyday), we're happy to report that we're healthy! yey!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

kate spade bedding

look at what we spotted in's jan/feb issue: kate spade sheets!! we like!! but not available till spring. and most likely not here. and highly likely very very expensive. guess we have to wait till the end-of-season sale till we can afford this. so mga july pa??

Monday, January 10, 2011

the week so far...

slow down, january!! SLOW. DOWN. zomg we didn't even realize that a whole week had passed without us posting anything! well, that's what happens when you're bzbzbz... we're so spent by the time we get home we just want to change into our jammies and plop in front of the TV, wine in hand... oh 2010 how we miss you so!!!, we take that back. 2010 is done. on to 2011 and new things. like our new job! this is what we see everyday when we walk into the lobby of our office building:
we are in awe of that big-ass chandelier! and our office, which had been turned into a bodega and tambakan ng papel, after it was cleaned out revealed this great view:
that's the manila city hall clock tower! and from our second-floor office, instead of being assaulted by the cacophony of busina and wang-wang, we are brought back to more genteel times by the sound of the clop-clop-clop of passing kalesas. how quaint, diba?? and soon soon soon the big reveal!

Monday, January 03, 2011

back to work

2010 was the year we were asleep... in 2011, we're going to be wide awake... because we got a new job!!! yes, folks, the fash pack is back to being a working stiff. and today was the first day at work. BRING. IT. ON!!! but first, let's get organized. since we didn't know if we would have computers ready and waiting for us when we got to the office, we decided to bring the hubby's christmas gift to us: a macbook 11-inch wheee!! see how small it is (pictured with the iphone 4 for comparison):
the problem was since this macbook model is so new, we couldn't find any cases made exclusively for it. so we started searching around the house for some sort of case or pouch. most were too big or too small. till we remembered something that just might fit: a giveaway bag during a rajo laurel press con. this is a rags to riches flat tote, handwoven out of scrap knit fabrics (i.e., retaso) by women from poor communities like payatas. this particular bag is from the RIIR collection by rajo laurel:
and looky! how perfect is that fit?? not to mention the padded effect for extra protection. plus it's a unique and super-chic case that we'll be proud to carry around :-)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

sale! sale! sale!

let the year-end sales begin! check back for updates!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

happy new year!

let's wash away the negative of 2010 and wish for a positive 2011! here's to a better, brighter new year for all!!