Monday, January 03, 2011

back to work

2010 was the year we were asleep... in 2011, we're going to be wide awake... because we got a new job!!! yes, folks, the fash pack is back to being a working stiff. and today was the first day at work. BRING. IT. ON!!! but first, let's get organized. since we didn't know if we would have computers ready and waiting for us when we got to the office, we decided to bring the hubby's christmas gift to us: a macbook 11-inch wheee!! see how small it is (pictured with the iphone 4 for comparison):
the problem was since this macbook model is so new, we couldn't find any cases made exclusively for it. so we started searching around the house for some sort of case or pouch. most were too big or too small. till we remembered something that just might fit: a giveaway bag during a rajo laurel press con. this is a rags to riches flat tote, handwoven out of scrap knit fabrics (i.e., retaso) by women from poor communities like payatas. this particular bag is from the RIIR collection by rajo laurel:
and looky! how perfect is that fit?? not to mention the padded effect for extra protection. plus it's a unique and super-chic case that we'll be proud to carry around :-)

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jvg said...

Exciting! Happy new job!