Thursday, January 13, 2011

be healthwise with shopwise

we love shopping at shopwise! aside from those crazy deals and promos they have every so often (beef day! chicken day! chocolate day!), we're the proud owner of a shopwise privilege card--which means we get to queue up with our groceries at a special lane. no waiting! today, shopwise added another new service that makes it a true one-stop shop: a pharmacy.
this is located at the branch in festival supermall, alabang. if we're not mistaken, this was their very first branch. and one of the biggest, if not the biggest. so before or after you do your groceries, drop by and purchase your prescription at the counter. everything else can be paid at the supermarket register.
they even offer a free mini-checkup service, like getting your blood pressure and checking if you're in the pink of health.
we decided to have ourselves checked and in spite of failing questions like do you drink milk (no) and do you drink alcohol (yes) and how often (everyday), we're happy to report that we're healthy! yey!

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