Tuesday, January 18, 2011

everybody must watch this video!!!

now that we own a laptop, we have been very very praning about carrying it around. and why not?? we have heard too many horror stories about personal gadgets being stolen—it is anyone's worst nightmare! because your laptop contains your most personal, your most secret, your most precious, your most irreplaceable items, having it stolen is like being raped! because you feel violated! so imagine how this guy in the video felt about having his laptop stolen from right under his—and his friends'!—nose! by a regular-looking guy! in full view of many many people! and not in some dark, deserted alley, but in a well-lit restaurant! no one and nowhere is safe!! so please watch this video so that you are aware of how these low-life thieves work:

here's another view of the same incident:

take good care of your stuff and hold on for dear life!!!

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Fifi said...

Ugh, chilling! It's happened to me before, and I truly felt violated--my bag was under the table, right by my foot, between my friend and I and against a wall, but they still managed to steal it--the theory was that the handle was hooked by an umbrella, apparently another modus operandi. Now, my bag never leaves my sight!