Sunday, January 16, 2011

the fash packs: boracay

yup, we're back in bora, baby! arrived here yesterday afternoon to gorgeous weather...

we all need those negative ions (NOT negative vibes!) every so often and the beach is the best place to get them. we also noticed this new sign posted on the coconut-tree trunks:

well, we say it's about time! aside from empty plastic bottles, candy wrappers, and potato-chip pouches, we've seen too many cigarette butts buried in the sand. this is not a medical advisory, but an environmental one: smoke if you want to in designated areas, but please dispose of your butts properly. mother nature will thank you :-)


jvg said...

No smoking on the beachfront: I like! It's about bloody time. Thing is, are people actually following this?

DB said...

yes, jvg, people are actually following this ordinance which took effect just before the christmas peak season. the lgu is quite strict about enforcing it.