Monday, January 02, 2012

how the fash packs

people always ask me to post more pictures of myself and my outfits, especially when i travel. but i'm a little shy (???). this blog was never about posting photos of me. but since i've been named one of inquirer's best-dressed of 2011 (bwahahaha), i'm a little braver (o wag mag-react). so here's a post of how i plan my travel wardrobe, based on my last trip. hope you pick up a few useful tips :-)

so what's your style when it comes to planning your wardrobe for a trip? do you just randomly toss clothes into your suitcase and pray everything matches? or do you carefully plan your outfits per day? i must confess i fall under the latter. if there's one thing i hate, it's overpacking and ending up with clothes i don't wear or, worse, for the wrong weather! when it comes to packing, i'm not one of those wing-it people. i have to know everything about the trip—how many days, the daily itinerary (by the hour ha), the weather/temperature (very important! i always check, if there's going to be a lot of walking, and what kind of ground will we be walking on (sandy, muddy, wet, cobblestone, concrete, grassy, carpet, etc)!! anal much?? then the challenge is to style the outfits, plan footwear for every activity (and to alternate shoes—can't wear the same pair every day), and figure out what can double up for day and evening, or be "recycled." nothing cutting-edge or super trendy, just practical, comfortable, but still stylish (for me anyway) outfits.

so one thing i like to do is to make little sketches of my planned outfits per day. before i left for my istanbul-athens tour last month, i made these rough sketches as my guide, took a picture with my iphone, and posted it on facebook. what do you think?

then i got on a plane and four hours later was in a lounge in singapore. i went on facebook and boy, was i surprised to find so many likes and comments! FB friends loved my "cute" drawings. one friend said i should patent my doodles, another wants me to plan her wardrobe for her next trip! i got 75 likes and 26 comments (a big deal for me haha)! of course, my former colleagues at mega were familiar with the sketches because that's how i would plan our fashion editorials.

so here's how the outfits looked like in "real life." (of course, outfits subject to change hehe ;-)

day 1: on the plane. here i am at the lounge at changi airport. turquoise knit top by burberry, men's stretchy black pants by collezione C2, fuchsia neoprene flats by tory burch, red le pliage tote by longchamp, zebra-print trolley by tumi. inside my handcarry are the coat and boots i plan to change into before we land in istanbul, where it's 10 degrees!
day 2: walking tour in istanbul. it was a cold, wet day. i realized i brought the wrong coat, hat, and boots—should've brought the puffy nylon hoodie, the patent hat, and the wellies. oh well live and learn... and freeze a little. moss green corduroy coat by missoni x target, black jeans by CPS chaps, black boots by aerosoles (super comfy for walking for hours!), slingbag by fendi, hat by muji, plaid scarf by gap.
inside, i wore a camel-colored V-neck sweater by folded & hung over a tan/white striped turtleneck knit top by michael stars—so matchy-matchy :-)
day 3: bosphorus river cruise. weather was better. wore the same coat. un-buttoned this time. inside, i wore a black sweater by zara, black/white striped turtleneck knit top by michael stars (matchy-matchy again!), black jeans by marc by marc jacobs, black patent boots by gucci, belt by paul smith, cheap shades by topshop. not seen: the same slingbag by fendi and a red pashminette (i.e., fake pashmina).
day 4: depart for athens + walking tour. up early for a 6am flight! here i am at the airport with no makeup—why am i not wearing my shades?? black coat by mango, navy/red striped men's long-sleeved knit top by muji worn over a black/white polka-dot sleeveless dress by muji (i love this dress! i wear it all the time. i wish i also bought it in gray), black tights, black boots by aerosoles, red le pliage tote by longchamp, zebra-print trolley by tumi, red suitcase by rimowa (i love this suitcase—so light and can fit tons of stuff).
aaand we hit the ground running. tour kaagad. here's the outfit without the coat (weather was warmer in athens, plus all that walking makes you warm!), standing by the ampitheater on the way up the acropolis (it's called odeon of herodes atticus):
day 5: aegean sea cruise: we stopped by three islands. weather was cool and pleasant. this was by a temple on our last island stop: aegina. i wore the same coat. inside, i wore a tan/black striped long-sleeved knit top by topshop (another of my travel mainstays) over a striped sleeveless dress by kate torralba for paper dolls (i've worn this dress to death—love it!), black tights, black patent gucci boots, black le pliage tote by longchamp (bought just the day before! i've never been a le pliage girl, but i recently discovered its practicality, especially for travel—light, roomy, and zippered for security), cheap shades by topshop.
here's the outfit without the coat. we're approaching hydra, our first island stop. can i please say, i love the light in greece!
day 6: depart for manila via singapore, where we had a six-hour layover! and you know how that went, as i posted last month. now if you ask why we didn't leave the airport into the city, that's because we arrived at changi at 6am, which means everything was still closed!

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