Sunday, January 16, 2011

rainy bora

it's not like we're boracay regulars, but we have never been here on a rainy day. today when we woke up, there was a constant drizzle, a light breeze, and gray skies. it was actually quite pleasant :-) and the waves have been extra huge! this was our view during breakfast:

the hubby and i are staying at the boracay regency beach resort & convention center. don't be deceived by the convention-center part of the the resort's name; there's nothing "businessy" about it. it's a huge beachfront resort on station 2 that has this staircase where people always stop to have their picture taken:

our room isn't beachfront, though, which is ok because, man, we don't wanna be kept up by the pseudo-rock bands singing out of tune with basag-sounding equipment haha! here's our view:

and we have been quite impressed with the food! we had a late lunch at their christina's café and we were so happy with our order: caprese salad, seafood crepe, and liguini pescatore. and this afternoon, to cap this lovely day, we booked a swedish massage at their luxury spa called kai:

so happy with our therapists marj and ellen... the hubby was actually snoring sshhh... the rain has stopped, so right now, we're having cocktails on the beach, watching strong waves pound on the shore, waiting for the sun to go down, people watching... this is boracay the way we like it :-)

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