Sunday, February 27, 2011

2nd philippine international pyromusical competition

since we started working, we've been running around like a headless chicken. if before, just like everybody else, we used to dread mondays and look forward to fridays, these days it's the other way around! because friday is closing day!! kaloka!!! no more time, energy, or gana to blog. but we'll get our mojo back once we get used to this production schedule.

anyhoo here is something we witnessed last night that we just had to share! every saturday evening (from feb 12 to mar 12), two countries will be presenting their fabulous fireworks set to music at the SM mall of asia grounds fronting the bay. and last night we saw china vs france. we had been looking forward to china's set because, after all, they invented fireworks! here's a video we took of china's finale. gave us goose bumps!!! (excuse the waiter's head that kept passing in front of us. that's what you get when you sit in the VIP area!)

and here is france's finale:

you be the judge!

a few tips:
1. the entrance and ticket booth is in the area of the mall where gerry's grill and don henrico's are (those are the two stores we remember seeing, on the imax side).
2. the swarm of people is incredible so dress comfortably and keep your purses close to you.
3. if you get to watch outside by the bay, it can get breezy and chilly, so bring a light jacket or shawl.
4. and best tip we got: if you bring a car, don't park in the carpark! that's what a friend did last week, and it literally took him hours to get out of the carpark! people just shut their engines off and hung outside their cars. it was that bad. so we took his advice and parked in an open field around two blocks away. best decision because, even if we still hit bumper-to-bumper traffic, we were close to roxas boulevard already and just inched our way out.

Friday, February 25, 2011

style weekend - feb 25

please buy manila bulletin today (feb 25) and get your free copy of style weekend! introducing our first men's issue! style weekend for men will come out every last friday of the month!

on the cover: manny villar. in this issue, elbert cuenca writes about his ironman challenge experience, shares their wish list for the "ipad 2," TJ manotoc tells us all about the azkals' two goal scorers, nivat chantarachoti writes about his new home zurich, and, if you care, super junior is in there too. plus! a solenn heussaff centerfold. hopia like it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

style weekend - feb 18

please buy manila bulletin today (feb 18) to get your free copy of style weekend! on the cover this week: taylor swift, the phenomenal (and young!) country-pop superstar who will perform in manila for the first time tomorrow!

Friday, February 11, 2011

style weekend - feb 11

please buy manila bulletin today (feb 11) for your free copy of style weekend! it's our special valentine issue featuring hothothot couple maggie wilson & victor consunji in their first cover as newlyweds!

photographed by roy macam
styling by xeng zulueta
makeup by josa quintas

Thursday, February 10, 2011


after so many months, we finally stepped into SM makati to attend the launch of sakura bella, a skin-care line from japan. and look at what we saw on the ground floor by the escalators in the area formerly occupied by the teens wear section!

here's the view from the other side:

according to our sources (the salesladies hehe), forever 21 in makati is set to open by april this year. meanwhile, they actually have some collections already being sold upstairs in the ladies wear section. so are you egg-zited or what??

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

mystery webisodes 3 and 4

episode 3: illustration
The journey continues...beyond educated inspiration. This famed designer, celebrated for his impeccable skill in translating a vision into a visual, takes his next step in unfolding his fashion story as he seduces our sense of sight through his signature illustrations...

episode 4: patterns
A vision translated into illustration is not fashion. Fashion is formed when what is in the imagination meets what the hands can bring to life. Such is the next step of this famed designer whose pattern of working is anything but plain. His pattern is the true start of his imprint...

Sunday, February 06, 2011

mystery webisodes

we finally found the time to go through all our emails and look what we found! (in the junk pile, no less...). read this, then watch the videos:

One of the most famous and loved homegrown labels will soon launch a collection in collaboration with one of the country's celebrated designers. In line with this, they are currently posting webisodes on the various steps the designer and brand are undergoing, leading to the official collection launch in March.

episode 1: inspiration

episode 2: research

there will be a total of 11 webisodes. we'll be posting each one as it is released. so cool!! who writes this stuff??

any guesses as to who the designer is and what the brand is?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

style weekend

now it can be told! this is the reason why we have been absent from the blogosphere for days! as mentioned early in the year, we started a new job and dizzizzit!!! yours truly is the new editor of style weekend! so please buy a copy of manila bulletin tomorrow friday (and every friday :-) to get your free copy of style weekend. we have features on fashion, beauty, dining, travel, celebrities, parties, and so much more! thank you for your support :-)

oops forgot the credits!
on the cover: danica magpantay, the first filipina winner of supermodel of the world 2010
photographed by mark nicdao at power plant mall
styling by liza ilarde
makeup by grace deang for shu uemura
hair by nante alingasa
gown by inno sotto muse
neckpiece by arnel papa