Sunday, February 06, 2011

mystery webisodes

we finally found the time to go through all our emails and look what we found! (in the junk pile, no less...). read this, then watch the videos:

One of the most famous and loved homegrown labels will soon launch a collection in collaboration with one of the country's celebrated designers. In line with this, they are currently posting webisodes on the various steps the designer and brand are undergoing, leading to the official collection launch in March.

episode 1: inspiration

episode 2: research

there will be a total of 11 webisodes. we'll be posting each one as it is released. so cool!! who writes this stuff??

any guesses as to who the designer is and what the brand is?


Anonymous said...

It looks like Rajo Laurel's 2nd collaboration with Plains and Prints.

candicetan said...

Plains and prints! Saw their billboard. I'm guessing the designer starts with an R! rajo? Randy ortiz? Can be rajo since his last theme was aliens and space is almost connected with aliens??? :)