Monday, March 28, 2011

lesportsac first freestanding store in the philippines

we are here at the formal opening of lesportsac's first freestanding store in the philippines. it's located at greenbelt 5 at the space formerly occupied by bang & olufsen. right now we're waiting for the fashion show to start. no, they don't carry ready-to-wear; the models will be wearing zara, carrying bags by lesportsac's collaboration with joyrich, a los angeles brand known for its work with gwen stefani, stella mccartney, and lilly pulitzer. so in the words of heidi klum, let's start the show!

the first part of the show used "real people" to model the classic collection. above, that's popular style blogger triciawillgoplaces! then the stage turned around like a lazy susan in a chinese restaurant to signal the second part of the show:

"real models" this time to showcase the joyrich collection. here are some closeups of the merchandise!

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free standing closet said...

I love the last one, that bag looks so cute!