Tuesday, March 29, 2011

marc jacobs new location

the store in greenbelt 4 moved from its location across louis vuitton to a few stores down right across prada because guess what will take its place: emporio armani opening in may! the spring/summer collection was brought in just for the formal opening party/show last thursday—sorry, they won't be available at the store. look na lang!

here's the stuff you can actually buy! a very chanel-ish collection of quilted leather bags with gold chains and cap-toe mouse flats in a beige/black combo (we actually have that in yellow jelly :-)

these embellishments kinda remind us of those beaded-wire cuffs, rings, and brooches that became all the rage a few years ago when everybody and her sister became an accessories designer:

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pinkmate said...

Those are fabulous shoes and purse!