Tuesday, March 08, 2011

RL + P&P

for sure many of you have seen the billboard with the flopped letter R + P and have guessed that it was another collaboration between rajo laurel and plains & prints. well, if that's what you guessed then you guessed right. and for weeks leading to that revelation, several bloggers were tasked to post teaser videos of the designer's journey from the time he's inspired to when he finally launches a collection. the fash pack was one of those bloggers and we failed to post the complete set of videos!! there was a total of 11 videos and we only posted four!! eep! sorry rajo sorry plains & prints sorry jujiin samonte who directed those videos.

but we went to the launch, which was held last march 1 at whitespace. there was a "tour" and our tour guide was joey mead (wearing R+P of course).
we happened to be part of the second group who were guided through a maze divided into 11 steps.
we forget what the 11 steps are, but these were some of the more interesting ones: first, illustrations, where guests were encouraged to pick up a marker and write on the wall (hmmm where's our three-year-old niece now that we need her?).
then came patterns, fabrics, and colors, three of our favorite things when it comes to fashion. look at this pattern of beautiful people:
and this rag doll on the floor that came to life and twirled and twirled and twirled!
then came, er, ria bolivar picked to be the face of the collection. we love ria!! she's the perfect "hanger"—she's the model you give the ugliest dress to in a fashion show because she will make it look fabulous!!
finally we reached the end where plastic mannequins and human mannequins showed the audience the versatility of the pieces and how you can wear them many ways. like this gal shows how you can pull up the hem of this knit dress and turn it into a top:
or a dress (with an original print designed by rajo, inspired by science fiction) whose neckline you can shift from one shoulder to the other and get an entirely new dress:
odiba?? there were more! but don't go to the store yet! the collection won't be available till march 11! that's this friday! congratulations to rajo, plains & prints, and the entire team! bravo!!

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