Thursday, April 28, 2011

style weekend - apr 29

please buy manila bulletin tomorrow (apr 29) for your free copy of style weekend for men! (men's issue comes out every last friday of the month.) on the cover, up-and-coming actor joseph marco, photographed by mark nicdao, styling by pam quiƱones, grooming by juan sarte III, watch by timex.

also in this issue: why you should buy a diesel, which e-reader to buy, profile on good charlotte, food trip in maginhawa street QC, discover catanduanes' surf spots, and georgina wilson centerfold!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PFW holiday 2011 sked

philippine fashion week holiday 2011 begins in a week and a half! check out this sked—we got tired just looking at it! we've been a bit delinquent about attending PFW, and each year we tell ourselves we'll attend ALL the shows. and end up attending NONE! or maybe one. this year, we're telling ourselves the same thing. ganon?? let's do this!! see you there? (click to enlarge:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sale! sale! sale!

and not just any sale—this is a forever 21 sale!!! OK, stop hyperventilating for a minute and read through carefully because there are many discounts to be had from already cheap prices!
take note:
• up to 50% off on selected items
• 10% off on regular-priced items when you present your SMAC, BDO Rewards, and Forever 21 credit card
• 5% rebate on all Forever 21, BDO, and AMEX credit cards with a minimum spent of P5,000 (on top of the discount!)
• 0% interest, 3 months installment for a minimum of P5,000 single-receipt purchase
• 3-day sale is from April 29-May 1, 2011, 10am-11pm friday 9am-11pm, saturday and sunday 10am-11pm, SM Megamall
so hold on to your credit cards and don't go shopping yet! wait till friday! pitch your tents at the megamall entrance and bring lots of baon!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

is this for real??

O.M.G. did this happen here?? this is hard to watch. but watch you must as a warning against would-be carjacking incidents. this was posted by a facebook friend on her wall and, as she wrote, the thief got away with not just the car and its key, but the girl's purse with all her personal belongings—ID, credit cards, cash, mobile phone, and more!—all in less than one minute! and all without touching her! or her even getting a good look at the guy. thankfully, the girl was not hurt in any way, but still!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter!

oops we're a little too late, the eggs have hatched!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

more random NYC scenes

nothing to do on this saturday night but to edit our NYC photos for work... and for facebook hehe... a few interesting scenes that caught our eye... just thought it would be fun to share them :-)

the big apple. or the big mac? this underground store on 5th avenue is open 24 hours a day. (you want an ipad 2? get on the waiting list. parang birkin??)
dog walker in central park. a typical scene, but it felt like we were on a movie set:
home section of bergdorf goodman. we love those cactus-looking chairs!
big american breakfast at a diner in the upper east side. all for $5 (same price as a coffee and croissant in starbucks!). not bad...
the highline—an old elevated railroad track converted into a park. unfortunately, the plants and trees were all bare. in the background, the standard hotel straddles the highline:
giant teddy bear on park avenue:
the MoMA has a lot of iconic paintings on permanent exhibit, like "one: number 31, 1950" by jackson pollock:
the awesome interiors of grand central station. can you spot the fash pack??
the mothership! we took the bus all the way to east harlem just to go to tar-zhay! how pinoy of us hee-hee...
the sadness that is borders...
how more new york can you get: yellow taxicabs, central park, and the celebrity-filled the san remo duplex within the manhattan skyline:
did they intend to throw out the mailboxes along with the rest of the trash??
a new M&M flavor: coconut. you like??
three white stretch limos parked right in front of st. patrick's cathedral. nope, no VIPs here, just a wedding, folks:

Friday, April 22, 2011

staycation: yay or nay?

after flying 24 hours to and from new york, we decided we'd had enough of planes and airports—for now. so for this holy-week holiday, we decided to stay put in manila and have a staycation instead. manila is different during holy week—or at least it used to be. with most people going out of town or abroad for the four-day weekend, the city becomes quiet and devoid of traffic, noise, crowds, and pollution. but not so much anymore.

yesterday we decided to check into the marriott manila. at the reception counter, we realized a lot of people had the same idea because we queued up for a good 30 minutes before we could even check in! whole families—from lola down to baby, complete with matching yayas—were there, bringing everything but the kitchen sink! (or the stove?)
the suite was lovely, the bed was super comfortable, the bathroom was spacious... ooh we were really looking forward to a relaxing stay...
our view was the airport. of course, as mentioned earlier, we had had enough of airports and airplanes for the time being...
the golf-course view might have been more pleasant, though. wonder if the price is the same to see this instead?
by 5:30pm we were ready for the complimentary cocktail hour at the executive lounge. and so was everyone else! the place was packed! and we thought we were smart not to go to boracay during holy week...
we were lucky to find two empty seats :-)
and wouldn't you know it, just our luck (or un-luck), we had a noisy neighbor. now these walls are pretty thick and you can't even hear the loud engines of the planes that take off every 10 minutes, but man could we hear the halakhakan and kalabugan of the people next door! we called the front desk at 1:30am to complain and the lady who answered was very accommodating. by 2am the noise level still hadn't subsided so we called again. this time she said she would send security. by 2:30am there didn't seem to be a difference so we called again. this time she said she would send the manager. the neighbor must've denied making noise because the front desk then called us and asked if they could send someone to our room to hear just how loud they were. huwaaat?? we gave up and decided to just put on our earphones and listen to music on our iphone. do you think the noise next door subsided? let's just say if we wanted a noisy neighbor we could've stayed home...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

bayo internship program

Want to spend your summer with Bayo? There are two ways to join their internship program:

1. Download the form below, fill it up, and send it together with your closeup and full-body picture to

2. Or simply email your name, age, birthday, address, school/level, contact details, interests, and your preferred store, together with your closeup and full-body picture to

Note: Aside from the stores mentioned in the form, they have added more for you to choose from: SM North EDSA, Robinsons Galleria, SM Megamall, Power Plant Mall, and Eastwood Mall. And submission of application forms has been extended to April 30, 2011! For more details, go to Bayo's Facebook page

Your summer will be fun with Bayo!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

work in NYC

we're back in manila. it's wednesday at 2:25 in the morning and yes, we are experiencing the dreaded jet lag. just think: whatever the time is here in manila is the same as new york, only opposite. which means it's nearly 2:30 in the afternoon in the US east coast. hmmm looks like it's time for a siesta. flying another 24 hours back home, we got pretty confused about the time—from new york to vancouver to hong kong, which are all in different time zones. no wonder the flight attendant at cathay pacific gave us a strange look, as we sat back in business class, on our final leg from hong kong to manila, and she asked us if we cared for a drink, and we replied, "yes, champagne please," and she said, just a tad taken aback, "champagne??" er, yes, champagne...? we looked at our iphone (we no longer wear a watch—who does these days??) and it said 7:25. sounds like a good time for a cocktail... er, in the AM??? we didn't realize it was morning! but where we just came from it was dinner time!! we got the champagne anyway. now that's service! after flying for over 20 hours, it was as good a time as any to have a drink.
so we thought we were being a good blogger when we got to new york, writing about the trip, posting pix—for all of two days! then... nothing. oops, we did it again. we became the busy blogger. busy outside of blogging, that is hehe... we were actually in new york for official business. we were part of a group of editors from different asian countries (plus russia and turkey) invited by banana republic. so we went to the banana republic office off 6th avenue in midtown (check out the muscles and tatts on that receptionist)...
sat for a breakfast interview with creative director simon keenan...
toured the flagship store on 5th avenue, located right across st. patrick's cathedral and rockefeller plaza (you can see the flags in the reflection of the window)...
then in the late afternoon, we were ferried downtown to the bowery hotel in the lower east side for some champagne...
and to watch the presentation of the fall/winter 2011 collection to editors and buyers, held at the lobby lounge...
our seat!
the photogs at the end of the runway (as the show was about to start, the chubby one in front yelled, "people in the front row, please uncross your legs!" obey naman kami. that's because they don't want any dangling feet sticking into the frame of their runway shots—no matter how fierce the shoes!)...
before the show started, the photographers one by one would come up to this couple below and take their picture. can anybody identify them??
the show was fast and furious, with models stomping down the "runway," not stopping to pose for anyone—which resulted in mostly blurry photos! here's the finale and it was done! in 10 minutes!

Friday, April 15, 2011

style weekend - apr 15

please buy manila bulletin today (apr 15) for your free copy of style weekend! for the rest of the month, it's going to be all about the wedding of the year! read all about the love story of wills & kate

Monday, April 11, 2011

NYC hotel

we're staying at a new hotel in the midtown area called eventi. we highly recommend it. and who says new yorkers are grouchy? the staff are super friendly! and as expected of any new york interior, the lobby is super chic:
our room was quite basic, with a nice big bed. yes! rest at last!
and a surprisingly spacious bathroom. yes! shower at last!
we crashed by 6pm then woke up at midnight. then jet laaaaag..... at least we had the top of the empire state building to stare at from our bed:
by morning, it disappeared! we couldn't see the building! did we imagine it? were we dreaming?? that's how thick the fog was!
time for breakfast. for $14 you get a buffet of breads, cheeses, sausage slices, fresh fruit, juices, and coffee. for an extra 10, you can have also the "hot" buffet: bacon, pancake, scrambled eggs, and hash brown. do the math!