Monday, April 04, 2011

free bag

today we had to make the trek to megamall to do some returns at forever 21... haay balik pullout-return na naman kami... oh by the way forever 21 at SM makati will finally be open to the public this friday!! anyhoo as we walked into the mall we were attracted to this summery trio by the door:

you know us, we love prints. upon inspection of the tags, we discovered it was kate torralba's new collection for paper dolls. so we made a detour into the department store. and look at the sign we saw:

and here's the printed speedy-ish bag:

cute noh?? and you know us, we love prints! so we decided to get a KT dress (P1,999.75), then we were "forced" to add a pair of black leggings (P799.75) to make the P2,500 cut (pero OK lang because one can never have enough black leggings). and voila! now we have a new bag! for free!

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