Saturday, April 23, 2011

more random NYC scenes

nothing to do on this saturday night but to edit our NYC photos for work... and for facebook hehe... a few interesting scenes that caught our eye... just thought it would be fun to share them :-)

the big apple. or the big mac? this underground store on 5th avenue is open 24 hours a day. (you want an ipad 2? get on the waiting list. parang birkin??)
dog walker in central park. a typical scene, but it felt like we were on a movie set:
home section of bergdorf goodman. we love those cactus-looking chairs!
big american breakfast at a diner in the upper east side. all for $5 (same price as a coffee and croissant in starbucks!). not bad...
the highline—an old elevated railroad track converted into a park. unfortunately, the plants and trees were all bare. in the background, the standard hotel straddles the highline:
giant teddy bear on park avenue:
the MoMA has a lot of iconic paintings on permanent exhibit, like "one: number 31, 1950" by jackson pollock:
the awesome interiors of grand central station. can you spot the fash pack??
the mothership! we took the bus all the way to east harlem just to go to tar-zhay! how pinoy of us hee-hee...
the sadness that is borders...
how more new york can you get: yellow taxicabs, central park, and the celebrity-filled the san remo duplex within the manhattan skyline:
did they intend to throw out the mailboxes along with the rest of the trash??
a new M&M flavor: coconut. you like??
three white stretch limos parked right in front of st. patrick's cathedral. nope, no VIPs here, just a wedding, folks:


jvg said...

love your nyc photo blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi, where did you get the $5 american breakfast in the UES? Thanks.