Monday, April 11, 2011

NYC hotel

we're staying at a new hotel in the midtown area called eventi. we highly recommend it. and who says new yorkers are grouchy? the staff are super friendly! and as expected of any new york interior, the lobby is super chic:
our room was quite basic, with a nice big bed. yes! rest at last!
and a surprisingly spacious bathroom. yes! shower at last!
we crashed by 6pm then woke up at midnight. then jet laaaaag..... at least we had the top of the empire state building to stare at from our bed:
by morning, it disappeared! we couldn't see the building! did we imagine it? were we dreaming?? that's how thick the fog was!
time for breakfast. for $14 you get a buffet of breads, cheeses, sausage slices, fresh fruit, juices, and coffee. for an extra 10, you can have also the "hot" buffet: bacon, pancake, scrambled eggs, and hash brown. do the math!

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