Friday, May 20, 2011

crocs candy collection

not a few people on facebook (and everywhere else) have called crocs the ugliest shoes they've ever seen. well, we defended them by commenting that we love our crocs!! pwe!! our name is the fash pack and we wear crocs. hahaha! not to say we are addicts and wear them everyday, even in our sleep. we wear them at the appropriate moments: for out-of-town trips, to the beach, for hiking, when pulling out, when doing shoots... so we were quite excited (!) to get an invite to the launch of crocs' new candy collection. ooh sounds delicious... so we trekked (not in our crocs) all the way to robinsons midtown today to find this sweet little setup outside the crocs store:
there was also a photographer present. shoppers were allowed to try on the crocs on display and have their picture taken for free! then they would be given a voucher to claim their photo at the store. you could also get a cute keychain for free IF you buy from the candy collection. smart marketing ploy!
so take your pic from the crocs on display:
below, this was the one we were eyeing. perfect for the beach or any sandy/dusty location because you can easily rinse your feet without having to remove your shoes. also ideal for boracay trips when you have to clamber on to a banca—no need to remove your shoes! no need to worry about your flip-flops swimming away!

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