Monday, May 16, 2011

the fash packs: bataan

over the weekend, we got a loaner. isn't she cuuuute?? this is a mini cooper countryman S—which probably stands for sportscar. because even if it's a tiny car, it can go reeeeeaaalllyyy faaaaast. but don't try this at home, kids! this is only for the professionals (or crazy thrill-seekers ugh).
well, with a car like this, we just had to go out on the open road and go somewhere! so we decided to take it all the way to bataan. we proceeded to montemar beach club. blast from the past!
as a high school kid, we used to spend a lot of time in this resort with our family. it is now under new ownership and is being refurbished. recognize the inns??
a glimpse at the newly added grassy area and the beach:
later on, at around 5:30pm, we're gonna sit on one of these chairs, just in time for sunset cocktails :-)
the place was fully booked, so we were given the suite. so spacious! you can fit a family of six here, plus yayas!
our view (and check out that wraparound balcony!):
finally, at around 5:30pm, the sun started to set. we took a lot of shots till the sun was completely gone. here's one of our favorite shots. no adjusting or editing! beautiful!!


Conci said...

Oh my!! Were you really driving at 200km per hour?!?!?

the fash pack said...

yes!! not us but the driver!! but only for about five seconds.. thank god!!

MJ said...

hi ms. Liza! thanks for posting about your Bataan trip! Been wanting to go ever since... I'm planning a trip with some friends, now na!


MJ said...

hi ms. liza! thanks for this post. been wanting to go to bataan, this is a sign!!!