Thursday, May 12, 2011

MYOH 2011

it's that time of the year again: make your own havaianas!
the fash pack was invited to make our own havaianas a day ahead of the crowd. no snaking queues YET, just groups of havaianaticos given their own special day.
the happy, ready-to-serve-you crew! (you might not be smiling this big tomorrow when the demanding crowd comes crushing in hehe ;-)
after getting a menu, choose your sole and strap (top, P845; slim, P845) color combo by turning that red thingy on the left. (we think we broke one. egg-zited much??)
this year's theme is travel! they have two limited-edition patterned soles called estampas (P945).
the pins (P100 each)! choose your country/city: new york, london, paris, rome, japan, australia, china, brazil, and, of course, the philippines! we chose all!
there are also cute dangling charms (P150 each):
we liked a shade called citrus green and chose a sole and strap in the same color (because we're boring that way haha). here's our guy mark working on our pair:
the finished product!
then you go up the steps leading to an extra tent outside to pay. it's gonna be HOT, so dress comfortably! express lane for up to two pairs on the left. for more than two pairs, queue on the right:
look who we spotted (again!) making havaianas for her whole family—the sea princess! photo op! (can you spot the fash pack??)
make your own havaianas starts thursday, may 12 till monday, may 16 at rockwell tent, from 10am-9pm (but doors close at 8pm). go go go!!!

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Noelle V. Dotillos said...

Oooooh. The pins and the dangling charms are toooo cute! :)