Monday, May 02, 2011

post-wedding blues

obviously now would be too kate, oops we mean late damn this auto spell correct fail, to post anything about the wedding of the, er, century. it's been reported to death before, during, and after by BBC, CNN, and any network that had a camera and reporter in london last friday. so we'll spare you our opinion on the gown...

it's actually just past 6 in the morning as we write this. (but of course will be published hours later.) but no this isn't because of jet lag. look from where we're writing this:

the fash pack is off again, this time to warmer climes (hopefully not as warm as manila, though, which has a full-blown summer finally, not that we wanted the extended "winter" to end). and look who's on the same flight as us! our very own princess! sea princess, that is. with matching fascinator, odiba??

this is another round-about route to our destination, which is actually not far. more on where the fash packs kater, oops we mean later!

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