Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what we did in bataan

for all those years we used to go to montemar, we would always watch out for the cross at the top of the mountain. because that meant we were near na. but we had never gone up to see it up close—till now! just our luck, we arrived at the resort too early (10am) and could not check in till 2pm (again!!). so after brunch, the manager asked if we wanted to take a tour of the cross on mount samat. so we took a tour guide with us who appeared nervous us we twisted and turned on the steep zigzag road going up.
it took 30 minutes to the foot of the mountain and another 20 minutes to reach the top. wow! we didn't realize how high it was!
according to our tour guide, the cross is about 42 stories high. oh? ya think?
there's a scenic elevator that can take you to the top, then you can walk across to each end of the cross. the queue was too long and it must have been the hottest day of the year, so we skipped that part. you would probably just see more of this view:
well, we were quite impressed with the place. it was clean, well-maintained, and at least you get to see where the entrance fee that you pay goes! (P20 for "domestic"—that's us—and P30 for "foreign." why, we don't know. and if you're mestizo, good luck convincing them you're "domestic." better bring your passport haha!)

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