Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what we did in montemar

on our second day, the management of montemar wanted to share with us one of the special services they offer their guests: a banca ride to a private cove and a picnic lunch. so they packed coolers full of raw pork, prawns, and fish for ihaw-ihaw. waw!
the banca ride took about 30 minutes to the cove.
on the way, we spotted the bataan nuclear plant, which was built during the marcos era but never opened:
and this little islet, which the locals named jalosjos island because this is where he hid when he was a wanted man (and not in some bahay kubo, mind you; it was a real house with staff and all. the house has since been demolished—by bagyo daw):
there's our little private cove! with three umbrellas set up for us :-)
let the ihaw begin! by this time it was 11am and we can't believe we actually walked around under the sun (with sunblock and a wide-brimmed hat, of course) to take pictures...
and here's lunch woo-hoo! sarap!!
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