Thursday, June 30, 2011

let's eat: li li

it had been a while since my last time at li li, the fine-dining chinese restaurant at hyatt hotel and casino manila. it had been a while because the last time i ate there, i was not too happy with my meal. so when i was given a gift certificate for their eat-all-you-can dimsum, i waited till the last day of the GC's expiration date to use it—which was today! well, i must say, this time i was very impressed with the food and super happy with my meal! there are no carts going around from which to choose; everything is made fresh upon order and i think that made a lot of difference. you tick off of a list and indicate how many pieces you want. the hubby and i ordered one piece each of our choices, and just ordered again the ones that we liked. this is what we ordered, and they were all goooood...

deep-fried taro puff with seafood:
har gaw steamed shrimp dumpling:
steamed minced fish dumpling with dried scallop:
steamed shrimp stuffed spinach dumpling:
steamed duck wings in sate sauce:
deep-fried chicken curry dumpling:
wok-fried radish cake:
deep-fried glutinous dumpling with assorted meat:

li li's eat-all-you-can dimsum (P788 nett) from mon-sat, 12-3pm. every sunday, from 11:30am-2:30pm, li li has yum cha (P1,330 nett), which serves unlimited dim sum, bottomless beverages (softdrinks, iced tea, local beers), and a dessert buffet. for reservations, call 245-1234 or go to

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

join! join! join!

who doesn't love contests? and more than that, who doesn't love to win?? but this is one contest that'll take a lot of creativity in coming up with concepts and designs, dexterity in working with the hands, business savvy, as well as PR skills—which always helps in the fashion field, especially in this day and age of social networking.

yesterday, the fash pack—that means i, liza—attended the press con to launch the fashion & design council of the philippine's (FDCP) 2011 philippine fashion design competition (PFDC), titled "weaving the future: a social design competition." they used to hold this every year, but it's been a while since the last one. but this year is different. in his speech, FDCP's well-loved president JC buendia expressed sadness in our country's dying weaving industry. he said that last year, when designers were busy creating filipiniana gowns and ternos for the presidential inauguration, they had a difficult time finding enough piña, jusi, and other indigenous materials. so this competition is a wake-up call to revive this industry and raise awareness of its relevance in local communities and governments.
rajo hosted the short program—and he's a very competent host! pang-showbiz talaga! magaling pa mag-ad lib haha...
also present at the event were three of the celebrity ambassadors wearing piña blouses by joel escober. below, amina aranaz-alunan, tweetie de leon-gonzalez, and mons romulo:
there was a mini-fashion show, where some FDCP members showed how indigenous and organic fabrics can be used and manipulated to produce very modern creations.

piña dress by hindy weber-tantoco:
jusi dress with mother-of-pearl pailettes by tippi ocampo:
piña coat and knit dress by lulu tan gan:
piña cape and mikado silk pants by frederick peralta:
jute fabric dress by joel escober:
piña top worn with shorts by gerry katigbak:
pintados-inspired gown made of handpainted tattoo techniques with wood and shell beads by rajo laurel:
electric-pleated dyed piña dress by jerome salaya-ang:
congratulations, designers, on this great project! and good luck to all designers who decide to compete!
how to join:

Weaving the Future: A Social Design Competition Mechanics

• The Philippine Fashion Design Council has two divisions: Apparel and Accessories (fashion or home décor). For Apparel, applicants must submit three (3) design entries each consisting of a 3-5 pieces collection for the modern day man or woman while Accessories Division applicants must submit three (3) one-piece design entries for home or fashion all true to the theme “Weaving the Future: A Social Design Competition”

• A Developmental Business Plan must be submitted along with the design entries for the judges to gauge the social impact of the applicant’s entry. The plan consists of the following:

o PEOPLE: Who and how many will benefit?
o PLANET: What are the organic materials?
o PROFIT: How much profit can be expected?
o POSITIVE INFLUENCE: What is the overall impact you hope to achieve with your plan?

• Applications will be screened according to the following criteria: Originality and excellence in interpreting the theme “Weaving the Future” (35%); Marketability (20%); Execution and workmanship (20%) and Social Impact (25%)

• Finally, entries will be trimmed down to the top 20 finalists, hailing 10 best entries for each division.

• Each finalist will then be paired with a Social Entrepreneur, a Livelihood Officer and Community Representative that will ensure that the Business Development plan can be executed. Finalists will be enrolled in an extensive mentoring program headed by FDCP’s own Dong Omaga-Diaz and Jojie Lloren. The School of Fashion and the Arts will also facilitate a customized training module for all finalists during the Mentoring Phase of the competition.

• At the end of the competition, 2 winners shall be recognized – one from Apparel and one from Accessories. Winners will be awarded a two (2)-year scholarship for Fashion & Marketing from The School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA), P200,000 from SM as capital to further their design endeavor to a proper business platform with their livelihood-based community, cash grant from local government units and 6 months subscription to PLDT WatchPad.

• Winners will be announced during the Finals Night, to be held at PAGCOR Grand Theater in November 22, 2011.

• Interested applicants may send their complete and filled-out PFDC Application Form with a scanned copy of all required materials to on or before August 1, 2011. Application Forms and Guidelines are available at and may be requested through mobile number +63949-688-5230.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

where in the world is the fash pack?

dear the fash pack reader,

are you still there? readership has no doubt dwindled...dwindled...dwindled... and we don't blame you for losing interest. hell, why shouldn't you?? the last time we had a real, honest-to-goodness post was over a month ago! about crocs! not very fash pack-y now, is it? so we decided to take a hiatus... sorry for not informing you... like you care... o 'wag mag-react ha... so all we've been posting was our work... the issues of style weekend that we posted. yes, that is what we have been busy with the past six months. plus we also took a holiday this month. to france. remember the last time we took a trip to france? two years ago? we hardly posted then too. in fact, we posted once. from paris. with no pix. and speaking of pix... while this blog has officially been an "anonymous" blog—wherein we don't post photos of ourselves or talk about ourselves—most readers pretty much know who we are anyway. the comments prove that, where we are addressed by our first name. and what's with the we-us-our-plural pronouns blablabla... by this time, everyone pretty much knows that the fash pack is not a pack. it's not a group of people. it's one person. it is us. rather, it is me. it is i. it is... hello, my name is liza and i am a blogger. o ayan inamin ko na!!! yes, I AM THE FASH PACK. i have officially out-ed myself! so now can i post photos of myself?? ok, let's take it easy... gotta work our, er, my way into this whole "generation documentation" vibe. because we, er, i come from a generation that would freak out if alluded to in a blind item. these days, it's a badge of honor! so give us, er, me a little time to ease into this blog style of posting photos of yourself. i'm shy pa eh hehe... so forgive the initial side-view, back-view, and far shots...

so here we, er, i am in provence. the hubby and i were here earlier this month to attend his cousin's wedding. this photo was taken at the reception in some lovely vineyard (provence is famous for its rosé wines):

then we took a road trip to bordeaux to visit some chateaus and do some wine-tasting! here i am in front of the chateau we stayed in for one night. we had the whole place to ourselves!

finally, another road trip to end up in paris! of course, i needed to have the requisite shot in front of—what else?—the eiffel tower. that's me walking (not jogging) towards it:

whew... that took a lot out of me... what next?

Friday, June 24, 2011

style weekend - jun 24

please buy manila bulletin today (jun 24) for your free copy of style weekend for men (out every last friday of the month)! on the cover: three eligible azkals—simon greatwich, neil etheridge, and anton del rosario. they're the new brand ambassadors for (check it out!). photographed by romaine rivierre, grooming by eileen ramos

Friday, June 17, 2011

style weekend - jun 17

please buy manila bulletin today (jun 17) for your free copy of style weekend! on the cover: natural beauties apples aberin, rissa mananquil, and kelly misa photographed by sara black on location at nusa dua beach hotel & spa, bali, indonesia. discover the newest from pond's: the white beauty naturals range made from camellia leaf extract

Friday, June 10, 2011

style weekend - jun 10

pls buy manila bulletin today (jun 10) for your free copy of style weekend! it's our independence day special featuring an all-filipino issue. on the cover: samantha gomez, winner of the recent supermodel-philippines in a neo-filipiniana outfit by edgar san diego. photographed by nelson villarica on location at the general douglas macarthur suite, manila hotel. makeup by nana villalba, hair by george delfin, styling by liza ilarde

Friday, June 03, 2011

style weekend - jun 3

pls buy manila bulletin today (jun 3) for your free copy of style weekend! it's our june bride special! be inspired by the royal wedding and wear a fascinator instead of a veil! on the cover: model vanessa johnson photographed by mark chester ang, styling by charmaine palermo, hair and makeup by pong niu for mac cosmetics. gown by john paras, headpiece by evita peroni, gloves by forever 21, fan by christina ang