Thursday, June 30, 2011

let's eat: li li

it had been a while since my last time at li li, the fine-dining chinese restaurant at hyatt hotel and casino manila. it had been a while because the last time i ate there, i was not too happy with my meal. so when i was given a gift certificate for their eat-all-you-can dimsum, i waited till the last day of the GC's expiration date to use it—which was today! well, i must say, this time i was very impressed with the food and super happy with my meal! there are no carts going around from which to choose; everything is made fresh upon order and i think that made a lot of difference. you tick off of a list and indicate how many pieces you want. the hubby and i ordered one piece each of our choices, and just ordered again the ones that we liked. this is what we ordered, and they were all goooood...

deep-fried taro puff with seafood:
har gaw steamed shrimp dumpling:
steamed minced fish dumpling with dried scallop:
steamed shrimp stuffed spinach dumpling:
steamed duck wings in sate sauce:
deep-fried chicken curry dumpling:
wok-fried radish cake:
deep-fried glutinous dumpling with assorted meat:

li li's eat-all-you-can dimsum (P788 nett) from mon-sat, 12-3pm. every sunday, from 11:30am-2:30pm, li li has yum cha (P1,330 nett), which serves unlimited dim sum, bottomless beverages (softdrinks, iced tea, local beers), and a dessert buffet. for reservations, call 245-1234 or go to

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