Tuesday, June 28, 2011

where in the world is the fash pack?

dear the fash pack reader,

are you still there? readership has no doubt dwindled...dwindled...dwindled... and we don't blame you for losing interest. hell, why shouldn't you?? the last time we had a real, honest-to-goodness post was over a month ago! about crocs! not very fash pack-y now, is it? so we decided to take a hiatus... sorry for not informing you... like you care... o 'wag mag-react ha... so all we've been posting was our work... the issues of style weekend that we posted. yes, that is what we have been busy with the past six months. plus we also took a holiday this month. to france. remember the last time we took a trip to france? two years ago? we hardly posted then too. in fact, we posted once. from paris. with no pix. and speaking of pix... while this blog has officially been an "anonymous" blog—wherein we don't post photos of ourselves or talk about ourselves—most readers pretty much know who we are anyway. the comments prove that, where we are addressed by our first name. and what's with the we-us-our-plural pronouns blablabla... by this time, everyone pretty much knows that the fash pack is not a pack. it's not a group of people. it's one person. it is us. rather, it is me. it is i. it is... hello, my name is liza and i am a blogger. o ayan inamin ko na!!! yes, I AM THE FASH PACK. i have officially out-ed myself! so now can i post photos of myself?? ok, let's take it easy... gotta work our, er, my way into this whole "generation documentation" vibe. because we, er, i come from a generation that would freak out if alluded to in a blind item. these days, it's a badge of honor! so give us, er, me a little time to ease into this blog style of posting photos of yourself. i'm shy pa eh hehe... so forgive the initial side-view, back-view, and far shots...

so here we, er, i am in provence. the hubby and i were here earlier this month to attend his cousin's wedding. this photo was taken at the reception in some lovely vineyard (provence is famous for its rosé wines):

then we took a road trip to bordeaux to visit some chateaus and do some wine-tasting! here i am in front of the chateau we stayed in for one night. we had the whole place to ourselves!

finally, another road trip to end up in paris! of course, i needed to have the requisite shot in front of—what else?—the eiffel tower. that's me walking (not jogging) towards it:

whew... that took a lot out of me... what next?


bessie said...

ano ka ba. kahit silhoutte maganda pa din. close up naman.

Dexter said...

does this mean harry will come out na rin in your blog? then the fash pack is still a pack (maybe with the occasional appearance of mr. fash pack, hehehe).

jovy said...

finally. hello liza! more posts please :)

Terrie said...

Woohoo! Now that wasn't so hard, was it? Congrats on outing yourself, Liza Ilarde, a.k.a., editor in chief of Style Weekend, a.k.a., the fashpack. ;)