Saturday, July 30, 2011

hermès watch corner

i am not much of a watch wearer. not since my two cartiers broke and could never be fixed the same way again (i.e., they would constantly break down—one, the bracelet; the other, the watch itself). besides, there's no need to wear a watch these days when a mobile phone will do fine. but if the watches look as exquisite as these, then i soon might change my mind! wearing an hermès watch is like wearing a little birkin or kelly on your wrist as each watch has little features also found on the bags—from the quality of the leather and the stitching to the hardware and logo. check them out (click to enlarge):

these watches are all available at the newly opened hermès watch corner at silver vault in rustan's makati. they held a little launch last week and i managed to drop by in spite of the rain, the traffic, and the handful of other events happening at the same time. and when there's an hermès launch, out come the brikins and the kellys! *drool*drool*drool*

so if you can't afford a birkin or a kelly, consider getting the "cheaper" alternative—an hermès watch! for as low as P80,000!

Friday, July 29, 2011

style weekend - jul 29

pls buy manila bulletin today (jul 29) for your free copy of style weekend for men (every last friday of the month)! on the cover: celebrity cook, TV personality, and author daniel green, who was here to launch the eat well, feel well menu of dusit thani manila. also in this issue: ralph lauren's personal car collection, how to navigate google+, kobe bryant's manila stopover, marian rivera centerfold, and more!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

due/collezione opening

today was the opening party for due/collezione at greenbelt 5. after the blessing of the store, cocktails were served at the gallery area. sabi ni rhett eala, small party daw, "tayo-tayo lang." here are the "tayo-tayo lang" guests! (can you spot me? :-)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

july 26

after yesterday's SONA, it seems like all hell broke loose today! it started with a looooong earthquake at approximately 1:20am today. i was already in bed, making a last-minute check on email and facebook on my iphone when the bed started shaking. i said to the hubby, who was still on his computer, that better be the dog scratching himself! but it kept going on and on, so i sat up and saw the dog fast asleep a foot away from the bed. WTH what a useless dog! aren't they supposed to sense these things?? then i saw my clothes hanging on the rack swaying. that's when the hubby said, earthquake! ohmygodohmygodohmygod !!! i got up, grabbed my phone, grabbed my keys, and grabbed a jacket—in case i had to run out of the building in my jammies! because it wouldn't stooooop... finally it did. by then i was by the front door, ready to run out. syempre hindi na ako maka-tulog after that!!

then the disasters started coming one after another... woke up to darkness, which meant tropical storm juaning had arrived... a bus falls off the skyway... a seven-vehicle pileup on edsa involving again three buses and four cars... former president GMA admitted into hospital for risky surgery of her spinal cord... during the funeral mass of p-noy's uncle, the deceased's sister collapsed after delivering her eulogy and eventually died... and the day isn't over yet!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

vote! vote! vote!

there's a group in new york called the outstanding filipino americans in new york (TOFA-NY). they have a facebook page and they are encouraging filipinos from all over the world to vote for their kababayans—choose your nominee(s) under several categories like fashion & style, arts & culture, food & restaurants, youth & sports, business & entrepreneurship, and others. it's the first time i've heard of it, but according to its facebook page:

TOFA-NY was created to give recognition to individuals and organizations that have raised the profile of the Filipino American community in a unique and positive way—and to celebrate their achievements. We are a group of multimedia professionals well plugged into the community. While we know many of the personalities in traditional as well as grassroots advocacy organizations, we are not associated with any group in any way, which makes this recognition process very independent. Pre-selection was based entirely on merit.

To make this year’s TOFA truly a people’s award, voting will be conducted in all transparency via Facebook. We are trying this novel idea for the first time. We believe social media is crucial in getting the word out about the many personalities and organizations that have made us one significant and dynamic community in this part of the U.S.

Please vote for as many nominees by clicking the Like button. You can only vote once for a nominee.

The final voting will be on October 8 at 12 midnight. Winners will be known to all after that.

An awards ceremony celebrating Filipino American History Month, to be keynoted by Consul General Mario Lopez de Leon Jr., will be held October 29 at 8 p.m. at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Hall in New York. Community leader Loida Nicolas Lewis will deliver an inspirational address.

in order to vote, all you have to do is like the page, then go through the album with photos of all the nominees, and if there's someone you want to vote for, simply click the like button on his/her photo. here are the nominees for fashion & style!

top to bottom, left to right: josie natori, cesar obrero, jerry sibal, robin tomas, and rafe totengco. vote for one, vote for all! (like i did :-)

click here to get to the TOFA-NY facebook page.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

RIP: amy winehouse

while the world is still reeling over the tragic deaths in norway resulting from one man's terrorist attacks, early this morning, news started trickling in about amy winehouse being found dead in her london flat. yet another senseless death of someone so young and so talented. and she has now joined the 27 club, something i am all too familiar with :-(

Saturday, July 23, 2011

new bulgari opens

this was resorts world last november 2010:
this was resorts world last july 20, 2011! formal opening party! with lots of champagne!
which was served by these lovely ladies:
we thought bulgari dressed the servers in hotpants and thigh-high boots. but we found out that it was the uniform of the hotel mall's caterers and they had no choice. well, good for bulgari, it seemed like a bold choice! the new store (their third in manila) is located at resorts world, right next to the casino. so if some high roller makes a killing, well, come right in, sir! (or ma'am.) this store is a bit different from the other two because they sell a mix of merchandise; not just fine jewelry and watches (greenbelt 4) or just accessories (6750 ayala avenue). so the windows display a combination of jewelry, watches, and bags:
ribbons were put up against one side of the store for the "ribbon-cutting":
apparently, one of the matrons thought it was the entrance and tried to enter through the left side and promptly banged her forehead on the glass! homaigad i thought she was going to pass out! she had to sit down and the staff had to fan her. this is no joke, people have died from crashing into glass doors! establishments should be more aware of the dangers of un-marked glass. they should always put obvious stickers, no matter if it takes away from the design—safety first! below, the VIP guests who pulled the ribbons off, which included nedy tantoco, the italian ambassador and wife, principal from singapore, and hotel execs:
bags for women and men inside the store:
women were drooling over this minaudière that resembled a gold bar:
a few relatively more "affordable" accessories:
think i can afford these mobile-phone charms and key fob? (i don't dare ask because if you have to ask, you can't afford it!)
here come the models! two of our favorite gals, bianca and valerie, wearing millions of pesos worth of exquisite diamond sets. which one do you like?

Friday, July 22, 2011

style weekend - jul 22

pls buy manila bulletin today (jul 22) for your free copy of style weekend! on the cover: banana republic brings us to new york to get an exclusive preview of its fall/winter 2011 collection! plus Q&A with creative director, simon keenan. also in this issue: accessory trends for f/w, preview EIC pauline suaco-juan's mon-sun style, how to do your own makeup ala duchess kate, guide to guam, pubs with grub, and more!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

due date

do you remember due? (pronounced doo-weh) it was one of the most popular in-house brands of rustan's, conceptualized and designed by rhett eala, when he was still working there. well, the ready-to-wear brand is back and is now part of the collezione family. the first freestanding due store will open in greenbelt 5 tomorrow! it took over the small collezione C2 space on the second floor (beside karton). this is what it looked like earlier this week:
tomorrow, that tarp will be off and you will be able to buy due again off the rack! we got a sneak peek from rhett himself at the collezione C2 branch at power plant mall, where he put up a pop-up store for due. go all the way to the back!
most of the pieces are made of jersey knits, making them perfect traveling companions. just toss them into your maleta! i especially love the belted strapless dress, which comes in black, gray, beige, and teal. kahit hindi ako nag-sa-strapless! bagay kaya? time to tone those arms!! (and the back fat, yaak..)
after due was discontinued at rustan's, rhett opened his own ready-to-wear shop called wink. remember the chiffon poncho that he popularized and that EVERYBODY wore?? (except me hehe...) well, he's bringing that back too! this time in a stretchy knit. it has again become a best-selling item at his store! (well, at only P800+ why not?)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

bargain boots

i'm rarely in the alabang area, so when i am i try to drop by alabang town center and go straight to tutto moda. you never know what SSI bargains you might find there (and i have!). but it was crazy trying to get to the mall because they had closed off most of the parking around it! waaaahh... so there was a queue into what looked like the only entrance to the only parking, and we were trapped in it. (if only we had known that bellevue actually has a shuttle that can drop you off there, then we would've checked in first...) but the agony was well worth it because i scored! not at tutto moda, though. no exciting bargains to be had there. but rustan's was having a sale, so i decided to swing by the store, ready to be disappointed. well, look what i bought at the shoe section:
black patent ankle boots by FS/NY (a label under french sole). very cool, very beatle-esque. original price: P13,500. sale price: P2,025. that's 85% off!!! it's practically free!!! now i can't wait till fall... or at least a rainy day :-)

sale ends jul 31.

Monday, July 18, 2011

staycation: the bellevue manila, part 2

on to day 2! our staycation was not over yet. after waking up late and missing the breakfast buffet (sayang, i love hotel breakfast buffets pa naman), we decided to have brunch instead—with a full filipino breakfast :-)
then by 2:30pm, we packed up, checked out, then headed to their mandarine reflexology & spa.
i used to undergo therapy via reflexology and once a week i would endure pain from constant, intense pressure from strong hands! enough to make you cry. but thankfully, this was not therapy and i asked my attendant to go easy on me. i'm a sissy, i know, i know... our couple's room called lavender:
all in all, a good two-hour reflexology and massage that left us relaxed and ready to face monday.