Tuesday, July 26, 2011

july 26

after yesterday's SONA, it seems like all hell broke loose today! it started with a looooong earthquake at approximately 1:20am today. i was already in bed, making a last-minute check on email and facebook on my iphone when the bed started shaking. i said to the hubby, who was still on his computer, that better be the dog scratching himself! but it kept going on and on, so i sat up and saw the dog fast asleep a foot away from the bed. WTH what a useless dog! aren't they supposed to sense these things?? then i saw my clothes hanging on the rack swaying. that's when the hubby said, earthquake! ohmygodohmygodohmygod !!! i got up, grabbed my phone, grabbed my keys, and grabbed a jacket—in case i had to run out of the building in my jammies! because it wouldn't stooooop... finally it did. by then i was by the front door, ready to run out. syempre hindi na ako maka-tulog after that!!

then the disasters started coming one after another... woke up to darkness, which meant tropical storm juaning had arrived... a bus falls off the skyway... a seven-vehicle pileup on edsa involving again three buses and four cars... former president GMA admitted into hospital for risky surgery of her spinal cord... during the funeral mass of p-noy's uncle, the deceased's sister collapsed after delivering her eulogy and eventually died... and the day isn't over yet!!!

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Anonymous said...

The current president took after his mother's negativity. Magnet sila ng catastrophe. All the major disasters happened during his mother's term.