Wednesday, July 13, 2011

coffee bean machine

yesterday we dropped by the coffee bean & tea leaf's the great exchange: sip the future of coffee event at power plant mall. now why would a coffee place encourage you to buy a single-serving coffee machine when the point is for you to not make your own coffee at home and for you to rely on their store for your coffee fix? i don't know but i want one of these!!
just put the pod in, press, and voila! "instant" coffee! and it comes in other cute colors too:
each little machine costs P13,750. i didn't get to ask how much each pod costs, though. and we're too lazy (and numbers-challenged) to do the math—if you buy this machine and make your own coffee instead of buying at CBTL every day, how much money do you actually save? i'm not sure, but the nescafĂ© coffee machine at my office serves coffee at just P12 a cup...

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