Thursday, July 21, 2011

due date

do you remember due? (pronounced doo-weh) it was one of the most popular in-house brands of rustan's, conceptualized and designed by rhett eala, when he was still working there. well, the ready-to-wear brand is back and is now part of the collezione family. the first freestanding due store will open in greenbelt 5 tomorrow! it took over the small collezione C2 space on the second floor (beside karton). this is what it looked like earlier this week:
tomorrow, that tarp will be off and you will be able to buy due again off the rack! we got a sneak peek from rhett himself at the collezione C2 branch at power plant mall, where he put up a pop-up store for due. go all the way to the back!
most of the pieces are made of jersey knits, making them perfect traveling companions. just toss them into your maleta! i especially love the belted strapless dress, which comes in black, gray, beige, and teal. kahit hindi ako nag-sa-strapless! bagay kaya? time to tone those arms!! (and the back fat, yaak..)
after due was discontinued at rustan's, rhett opened his own ready-to-wear shop called wink. remember the chiffon poncho that he popularized and that EVERYBODY wore?? (except me hehe...) well, he's bringing that back too! this time in a stretchy knit. it has again become a best-selling item at his store! (well, at only P800+ why not?)

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