Sunday, July 03, 2011

happy 50

last night was my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary celebration and the theme for their party was travel. we were "required" to wear an outfit or accessory that represents a country, city, or destination. i'm terrible at theme parties because i always procrastinate! so i end up with half-baked looks. and last night was no different. i had to scrounge around the house looking for random things to put together to come up with a look. here's what i ended up with:
can you tell where i'm from? and don't say thailand, bali, or india! those were the answers i got when i asked that question! i'm from africa, isn't it obvious?? i had this piece of printed fabric from senegal, a pasalubong from my brother-in-law when he traveled there for work nearly six years ago. and i'm supposed to have it made into something—talk about procrastination! i turned it into a wrap skirt and secured it with a brooch at the waist (and a big safety pin—just in case! i might accidentally flash the guests!). then i wore an authentic masai necklace, which was a pasalubong from photographer steve tirona when i sent him to kenya to do a fashion shoot three years ago. i added a bunch of colorful bangles and i even brought my own safari animal in the form of a leopard-print bag hehe... so. pasadong africa ba??

and look at this fabulous cake!! this was my contribution:
this cake was by joy san gabriel. i just told her what the theme was and sent her the postcard-style invitation and this is what she came up with—a base studded with postcards and four layers of maleta. i was super happy! and so were the in-laws (sipsip hehe..). later i found out that joy made the wedding cakes of rica peralejo and priscilla mereilles, odiba??

you can see more of joy's cakes at to order, call 743-9306 or +63917-527-8837, or email

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