Saturday, July 30, 2011

hermès watch corner

i am not much of a watch wearer. not since my two cartiers broke and could never be fixed the same way again (i.e., they would constantly break down—one, the bracelet; the other, the watch itself). besides, there's no need to wear a watch these days when a mobile phone will do fine. but if the watches look as exquisite as these, then i soon might change my mind! wearing an hermès watch is like wearing a little birkin or kelly on your wrist as each watch has little features also found on the bags—from the quality of the leather and the stitching to the hardware and logo. check them out (click to enlarge):

these watches are all available at the newly opened hermès watch corner at silver vault in rustan's makati. they held a little launch last week and i managed to drop by in spite of the rain, the traffic, and the handful of other events happening at the same time. and when there's an hermès launch, out come the brikins and the kellys! *drool*drool*drool*

so if you can't afford a birkin or a kelly, consider getting the "cheaper" alternative—an hermès watch! for as low as P80,000!

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Anonymous said...

Hi fashpack!

But those are (expensive) city bags! Shouldn't they be bringing something more appropriate for evening cocktails? : )