Wednesday, July 06, 2011


yesterday, twitter and facebook were on fire and it was all about KYLIE! KYLIE! KYLIE! *chanting effect* it's hard to believe but kylie minogue's career spans three decades—she's been around since the 80s! so i kinda grew up with her music (college na ako non, hokay?) and although i wouldn't consider myself a big fan, i am familiar with her music, her videos, and her life story. but i wasn't ready to shell out the big bucks to see her live in manila! i was going to be content with seeing pictures and videos online. so when a gracious PR told me she had two tickets for me, it was the hubby who was more egg-zited! LOL.. (thank you, jayelles!!!)

traffic last night was horrendous! i had to come all the way from manila and roxas boulevard pa lang, it was crawling already at 5:30pm. WTH? it wasn't raining, it wasn't payday, and it wasn't friday. all this for kylie?? upon checking twitter, some people said a truck had overturned on edsa. hence, the domino effect. haay... but twitter was amazing. as we crawled through roxas, edsa, C5, back to edsa, the beckies (hello, they were there for their queen—or princess? because madonna is the queen?—and were all in fighting form last night!) were giving a blow-by-blow of what was happening in araneta coliseum via twitter! they posted pictures too! when we finally got to our seats, the front act had already started: a DJ (see onstage right with his mac).
do i spot divine lee standing in front? how can you miss her sparkly outfit?? (she was front row and center, and kylie noticed her and her group that she re-tweeted divine's group shot! how cool is that??) i didn't bring a camera, so i just took quick (far) snapshots with my iphone. i wanted to watch a concert! but these days a lot of people watch concerts with cameras held high. you just can't help it sometimes! here's aphrodite, este kylie, making her first appearance in a golden clamshell (don't bother squinting, you won't see her haha):
then here come the aerial-strap acts! er, are we at the right show? varekai pala toh! you get two shows in one!
this was the "audience participation" portion, when she sang one of her early hits "especially for you," her duet with jason donovan. the audience was supposed to sing jason's part, but we ended up singing the whole song haha! (well, them not me, i only know SOME words. defensive much??) here, she asked us to put our hands in the air! (walang lighter? bawal na mag-smoke noh! so 'di na uso, cell phone na lang haha)
closing number "all the lovers" (i think) with the varekai voys once again.
and it ended with boom! gold confetti! but of corz!!
the concert was over two hours long! certainly worth it for everyone who paid for their tickets! (PS: click on the pix to see them bigger.. as if it'll make a difference hehe.. you'll see better pictures in other blogs furshur)

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