Saturday, July 16, 2011

let's drink: antinori

since the month began, i've been running around like a headless chicken. staff-wise, we're one man down, so for those of us left behind we have to do the jobs of 10 people (whereas it used to be five :-o). plus i've been developing this headcold for the last two weeks so that kinda slows me down—even with medicine. i always thought that whenever you take medication, you shouldn't drink alcohol. but in recent years, i have been convinced by this person (i won't say who!) that drinking alcohol and taking medication at the same time is not bad at all. (totoo ba yan?? don't quote me on this!!) so... carry on!

it was 10 days ago that the hubby and i attended a wine-pairing dinner at masseto. the wines were by antinori from italy.
the menu as prepared by chef tippi tambunting, and the wines paired with each dish:
our table of winos! clockwise from nine o'clock: cecile mauricio, moi, margarita fores, alex lichaytoo (our host for the evening—his company bacchus is the distributor of antinori), elbert cuenca, dennis valdes, and tessa valdes.
let's eat! first dish was a tagliolini pasta with homemade sausage, paired with tignanello. this was my favorite wine that night—the wine was fragrant and so malambot sa lalamunan. was i imagining it or did it actually soothe my throat??
next was the chicken, which was really tasty. paired with guado al tasso:
finally braised oxtail with potato purée. by this time we were stuffed—pity! because the meat was so soft and went well with the solaia:

antinori wines available at bacchus épicerie, power plant mall. like them on facebook!

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