Saturday, July 09, 2011

look of style awards

when look first debuted on the newsstands back in 2008, it established itself as a beauty magazine, in the tradition of allure. just like most glossies, it featured celebrities on the cover, but the inside focused on cosmetics, skin care, hair products, fragrance, and, well, surgical "enhancements" (no longer a stigma these days, and is as common as going to the spa). i would say that it was the first in its category of glossy magazines in the philippines. but in recent years, i've noticed its fashion features occupying more and more pages, and the covers focused less and less on just the face. maybe it was a conscious decision because last year, the magazine launched its first look of style awards. winning the category of most promising designer of 2010 was pablo cabahug, who has since gone on to participate in group fashion shows and will soon collaborate with leg love for a collection of hosiery.

last week, look's editor in chief melanie cuevas invited a group of editors, fashion writers, and bloggers to lunch at lusso to announce its second look of style awards. aside from samsung and inquirer lifestyle, this time, they also partnered with the british council of the philippines, who are very supportive of artists and want to be able to nurture young talents in our country and theirs, and maybe even work on some sort of exchange program. ana tan, program and public relations manager of the british council of the philippines, told us, "the look of style awards is actually a way for us to collaborate with artists from the philippines and the UK using an arts area we are both strong at—fashion.” here we all are at lusso! that's pablo, sitting on the right side, fourth from the front. and two seats to his right is melanie. (and that's me on the left in the purple shirt hehe...)

how to join!

Organized to support the next generation of Filipino fashion designers, and help them pursue their design and business plans, the second staging of the LOOK Of Style Awards will present the winning designer with an all-expenses paid trip to the United Kingdom where he/she will have the opportunity to enrol in a short course of his/her choice in London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins. The winner will also receive business mentoring from fashion industry professionals in areas such as business planning, marketing, etc., as well as a spot in Inquirer Lifestyle’s next Face Off Fashion Show.

To qualify for the LOOK Of Style Awards, an applicant must have an established, primary design business in the Philippines. He or she must also have a minimum of two consecutive years of design experience (i.e., have garnered substantial and recent editorial coverage, have professional staff that can devote the time and effort required to accomplish the stated aims of an applicant’s design career plans).

A go-see, where all applicants will be required to present actual samples of their clothes and a portfolio of their work to a screening committee consisting of LOOK magazine editors and fashion industry experts, will narrow the field down to 10 finalists. Each of the 10 finalists will then be asked to provide specific information about their short- and long-term business goals and objectives, as well as how the award and business mentoring will enable them to pursue their design career plans and existing business.

Additionally, finalists will be required to submit a portfolio presentation containing work from their previous collections, which may include sketches, photos, and editorial features. The finalists will also submit 3-5 references (editors, retailers or other fashion industry professional with whom they have a close, working relationship) that the fashion council can contact for their comments and opinions.

Finally, the 10 candidates will undergo an interview and presentation of 5 looks from past, present, and upcoming collections to the panel based on a given theme. With science and technology becoming part of everyone’s lifestyle, this year’s given theme, Stylish Tech, will challenge finalists to make use of innovative techniques and fabrication, and make them into wearable pieces of art. The interview on the other hand, will also include an assessment of the business mentoring needs of each of the candidates.

A panel of judges will rate the finalists’ works, and select an overall winner based on construction technique (35%), design skill and interpretation of theme (35%), overall presentation and visual impact (15%), and design marketability/wearability (15%).

The winner will be announced in a cocktail event and fashion show in October 2011. The fashion show will include segments from the finalists, as well as from LOOK’s guest British designer.

For interested applicants, check or follow for go-see schedules and updates on the competition.

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