Saturday, July 23, 2011

new bulgari opens

this was resorts world last november 2010:
this was resorts world last july 20, 2011! formal opening party! with lots of champagne!
which was served by these lovely ladies:
we thought bulgari dressed the servers in hotpants and thigh-high boots. but we found out that it was the uniform of the hotel mall's caterers and they had no choice. well, good for bulgari, it seemed like a bold choice! the new store (their third in manila) is located at resorts world, right next to the casino. so if some high roller makes a killing, well, come right in, sir! (or ma'am.) this store is a bit different from the other two because they sell a mix of merchandise; not just fine jewelry and watches (greenbelt 4) or just accessories (6750 ayala avenue). so the windows display a combination of jewelry, watches, and bags:
ribbons were put up against one side of the store for the "ribbon-cutting":
apparently, one of the matrons thought it was the entrance and tried to enter through the left side and promptly banged her forehead on the glass! homaigad i thought she was going to pass out! she had to sit down and the staff had to fan her. this is no joke, people have died from crashing into glass doors! establishments should be more aware of the dangers of un-marked glass. they should always put obvious stickers, no matter if it takes away from the design—safety first! below, the VIP guests who pulled the ribbons off, which included nedy tantoco, the italian ambassador and wife, principal from singapore, and hotel execs:
bags for women and men inside the store:
women were drooling over this minaudière that resembled a gold bar:
a few relatively more "affordable" accessories:
think i can afford these mobile-phone charms and key fob? (i don't dare ask because if you have to ask, you can't afford it!)
here come the models! two of our favorite gals, bianca and valerie, wearing millions of pesos worth of exquisite diamond sets. which one do you like?


Anonymous said...

H! I designed those uniforms for the ladies in resorts world! Tee hee! RAJO!

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