Thursday, July 07, 2011

scenes from malls

the spring/summer sales are on! so when i can squeeze in a little mall time, i scour the shops that have the sale sign on the window. luckily, i have GCs (gift certificates) to some of these stores. but unluckily, a lot of them don't accept GCs for sale items! "ma'am, pang regular items lang po." grrr... why, i don't know, but this is the policy of a lot of them. by "trial and error" and by asking, these are some of the stores that DO accept GCs for sale items (yey!): bench group, penshoppe group, rustan's group, the ramp/crossings, SM, and kira plastinina. know of any other stores that accept GCs for sale items?

so from our treks to the malls, here are some fun, quirky, weird, random things spotted while walking around:

emporio armani, greenbelt 4 last june 28:
emporio armani yesterday!
christian lacroix has always been one of my favorite designers. his illustrations for this sleeping beauty book are like masterpieces. makes me want to tear out the pages and frame them. i miss seeing his collections on i spotted this book at national bookstore, power plant mall:
check out these verner panton repros for sale at crossings department store in shangri-la plaza. but these are kid-sized! how cute is that! i just don't know how safe they actually are for a kid to sit on, though:
la lang.. cute window display at steve madden, shangri-la plaza. little yellow taxi cabs with checkerboard trim. didn't see anything like this in new york, though:
i know the rustan's group is the exclusive distributor of longchamp in the philippines, but i saw these at the landmark. real or fake? i'm no expert, so i couldn't tell. but for them to be chained and wrapped in plastic and priced just like the real thing, maybe they are? but the hangtags were really ratty and the fraying edges were taped hmmmm...


jvg said...

unarosa accepts gcs for sale items too! btw, the photo of the longchamp bags in landmark was just way too funny :)

the fash pack said...

jvg, if that is the case, then the staff must be informed. because i wanted to use my unarosa GCs at the megamall branch and they told me that the GCs could not be used for sale items :-(