Monday, July 18, 2011

staycation: the bellevue manila, part 2

on to day 2! our staycation was not over yet. after waking up late and missing the breakfast buffet (sayang, i love hotel breakfast buffets pa naman), we decided to have brunch instead—with a full filipino breakfast :-)
then by 2:30pm, we packed up, checked out, then headed to their mandarine reflexology & spa.
i used to undergo therapy via reflexology and once a week i would endure pain from constant, intense pressure from strong hands! enough to make you cry. but thankfully, this was not therapy and i asked my attendant to go easy on me. i'm a sissy, i know, i know... our couple's room called lavender:
all in all, a good two-hour reflexology and massage that left us relaxed and ready to face monday.

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