Friday, July 08, 2011

style weekend - jul 8

pls buy manila bulletin today (jul 8) for your free copy of style weekend! this week features my first cover (as photographer)! it's our art issue and inside we have stories on the madame grès exhibit in paris, the many ways to tie an hermès scarf, the louis vuitton exhibit in beijing, ronald ventura's record-breaking auction sale, and more! plus, we introduce a new section called SW news ticker: what to talk about this weekend

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Anonymous said...

nice! i loved reading the feature of the gres gowns, the how to tie an hermes on, and the article on the LV's. Fun read from cover to cover. I don't usually buy that stuffy publication, you are such an influence. tee hee. Sana full mag na gawin mo in the future. Would totally love that.