Sunday, July 10, 2011

tod's f/w 2011 collection

it's almost become a tradition for tod's to present its upcoming collections twice a year. last week was the second one i attended this year, and it was for the fall/winter season. and although tod's is considered a conservative brand with its very practical and functional designs, they never fail to surprise each season. one time it was citrus shades, the next it was neon. and they constantly innovate with regards to their materials. the fall/winter collection held its own surprises.
i couldn't help but be reminded of the 80s with some of the styles. these lace-up ankle boots are reminiscent of the DMs we used to wear back then (don't you know, that's what we used to call doc martens when they first became uso):
and look at this animal-print loafer! doesn't it remind you of the creepers new-wave bands used to wear back in the 80s??
those seem to be pretty daring for tod's. what about these? a new take on their classic moccasins and big-buckle clutch, with a very ethnic vibe. reminds me a bit of the ikat weave:
but this is the one i really really want!
these boots would be good too for the current rainy weather we've been getting:
but here's the big story for tod's this coming fall/winter. their signature line of embossed-leather bags. check it out!
we were joking that it looks like they took the bottom of a pebble loafer and made puk-puk the bag hahahaha... kidding aside, you'll love it in these delicious patent colors!
and they come in clutches too! yum!
here's model girlie carrying the red one:
tod's fall/winter 2011 collection will be available by september at their greenbelt 4 store

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