Tuesday, July 12, 2011

zinio zubscriptions

around a year ago, i wrote about zinio possibly being the future of magazines. everyone is getting into it. even local publications have realized this, and a lot of glossies can now be purchased through zinio. they don't come cheap, though, but if you live abroad and want your monthly fix of the local scene (be it fashion, celebrities, or babes ;-) this is the next best thing.

we already subscribe to US harper's bazaar, which started at US$8 for a year; it now costs US$14.99! (and that's for only 11 issues because bazaar now has a double issue—cost cutting?) well, US elle started at about the same price, went up to US$10, then down to US$8, and when we checked last week, it went down to US$6! how cheap is that?? only around P259 for 12 issues! it costs nearly twice that much for a single issue here! so we subscribed before they changed their minds hehe...
and here's a tip. if you subscribe to zinio and those surveys suddenly pop up, do not ignore them! take the time to answer because in the end, they will reward you with credit. which you can use to renew or extend your subscription, or purchase new ones, or buy individual issues. win-win :-)

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