Wednesday, August 31, 2011

you can't fake fashion

about a month and a half ago, i spotted an ad or a feature on the CFDA tote bags being sold on ebay. can't remember where i read about it, but the bags were launched by the council of fashion designers of america (CFDA) for their anti-counterfeit campaign. a lot of designers (like 50 of them!) were commissioned to rework the totes, but by the time i got to ebay, they were all sold out!! the only bag left was the original—at only US$35! (around P1,475) so i ordered one!

actually, i had my brother who lives in the states order one, so that i don't have to deal with the crooks at the post office who charge/extort exorbitant "tax" fees for packages! we all have horror stories to tell about that one. sad state of affairs in this country... but that's another story. anyhoo, my brother's wife came to visit last week and brought the bag, yehey! here it is in real life, with an iphone next to it for size comparison.
now i realize i should've ordered more because if you go on ebay now, they're being sold for as much as US$200!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

scenes from the malls

on this tuesday holiday, i finally ventured out of the house. and joined the crush of cars on the highway, all on their way home from out-of-town trips. or just catching the sales. like me! although i ended up with nothing. some random stuff spotted during my mall trawl...

love love love this line of luggage by samsonite! this is a revival of the fashionaire line, which they did back in the 60s or 70s. it's often called the marimekko collection, but i wonder if marimekko had anything to do with this:
based on the windows of zara and mango, it looks like 90s minimalism is coming back. would you wear jackets and dresses completely devoid of any decoration, and can you hold back from any accessorizing?
i've posted before the collection of jelly/plastic/rubber flats by kartell. well, looky, they now have wedgies! don't they remind you of melissa shoes? spotted these at dexterton, greenbelt 5:
funny cup spotted at SM makati. witty! but heed the message and bring this to starbucks. (just like bringing your own eco-bag for your purchases):
and if that is not a paper cup, then this is definitely not a tory burch! (pero cute ang denim flats, in fairness...):

Monday, August 29, 2011

cute and cool 4

so all i did on this monday holiday was to stay home and fix my accumulated mess! we don't have household help, we just have a lady who comes in every so often to clean. and in my neighborhood, it really should be every day. so much dust! and i discovered that our doggy got his favorite rubber ball stuck in between the sectional sofa and scratched the living daylights out of the leatherette! (yes, we have a vintage leatherette sectional from the 70s, ok?? don't judge me.) i guess it's time to buy a new sofa or at least a big fat armchair, ideal for lounging in, watching TV, or reading a book or magazine (on the ipad hehe..) i've got my eye on one in dexterton and i'm waiting for it to go on sale *fingers crossed* meanwhile, here are some nice big fat armchairs i've spotted while window shopping and from my travels...

for sale at IDO in quezon city:
papa bear chair at space encounters in pasig:
egg chair repro at dimensione, bonifacio high street:
pop chair upholstered in missoni fabric at a kartell store in bordeaux, france:
armchairs at ikea in madrid, spain:
vintage armchair for sale at not too shabby in san juan:
black armchairs on display during a manila FAME event:
lounge area at hotel eventi, new york:
armchairs upholstered in african fabric for sale at anthropologie in new york:
zebra-print armchair for sale at saya gallery in bali, indonesia:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

tweaking the fash pack

yes, you are still on the fash pack! if you've just tuned in and noticed some, er, changes, that's because i AM changing things around! i decided that with this new chapter in this blog's life, it deserves a new look. sawa na ako sa green. so what do you think of this look:

too dark and dreary? i can also make it plain white:

or how about a bright, psychedelic background?

there will be much tweaking going on for the next few days... weeks, months, who knows? but keep dropping by! and tell me what you think!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

fitflop love

i love my new fitflops!! i don't care what anybody says, i think they are one of the greatest inventions in footwear! i also don't care what the hubby says, who thinks it's one of the ugliest inventions in footwear hahaha... he hates it whenever i wear my fitflops out with him. at ngayon meron na akong fitflops na pang formal hahaha! this particular style is called "rokkit" and this color is called "black diamond." the leather upper is studded with crystal beads. and the sole, of course, has the patented microwobbleboard, which tones the legs as you walk. i feel so fit na! love it!!

of course, a lot of other footwear brands have "copied" this concept and have come up with their own versions of "workout" sandals. like skechers tone ups:
marks & spencer step-tone:
and now even crocs has its crocs tone skylar!
but nothing beats the original! for more information on fitflop, go to their website or their philippine facebook page

Friday, August 26, 2011

style weekend - aug 26

pls buy manila bulletin today (aug 26) for your free copy of style weekend for men (every last friday of the month)! on the cover: hothothot showbiz topic for the week piolo pascual! photographed by raymund isaac, styling by ton lao, grooming by peps silvestre.

also in this issue: a review of the mini countryman S, how to navigate brooklyn's hip neighborhood williamsburg, profile on dominic lau of E!, cristine reyes centerfold, casual shoes, and fanny serrano tells you how to get rid of that nasty bald spot!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

lucky charm

i am sooo happy!! but i'm getting ahead of myself. tonight i attended the launch of tiffany & co.'s new locks collection at rustan's makati. upon registering, we were made to pick a little envelope with a card inside and instructed NOT to open it. hokay, so i slipped it into my pocket. but one of the gals whispered to me to hold on to it because if i picked the right envelope, the evening's host tessa valdes will let us know. so when i saw her, i said tessa, rub my envelope for good luck!
these were the four locks that were up for grabs. when i spotted that last big heart, i said heart, you're mine! (claiming daw??)
check out the locks for sale, which can be made into necklace pendants or bracelet charms. the sterling silver ones start at P6,700 and the 18k gold ones start at P59,500.
then the program started and tessa asked us to open our envelopes. if yours said thank you for coming blablabla, then that's it, buh-bye. but if yours said "congratulations! you have the chance to unlock your own tiffany item" then you get to pick a key from a box and try to open one of the locked glass cabinets! i got to pick a key, woo-hoo!!
unfortunately, my key didn't open any of the cabinets :-(
three lucky guests got to unlock three cabinets, but the rest of us were given a second chance to pick a key. i was the last one to try my key out and guess what?? i picked the right keeeeeyyy!! i got the big heart!! now you know why i am sooo happy!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

beauty blog: flawless

have you guys ever tried flawless? it's an "aesthetic center" that's owned by vicki belo and partners, and they're all over the country. they're mostly mall-based and it's supposed to be a "lower-end" version of the belo clinics, not because the products or machines are cheaper or inferior, but mostly because of the way it's set up. i recently visited the megamall branch and was impressed by the reception area.
but when i went inside the treatment area, i was actually shocked. it was a big room with like 25 beds side by side! parang dorm!
but it is quiet, very clean, lit in a moody way, and clients are all lying down with their eyes closed so you don't have to worry about anybody staring at you haha.. but of course there's no locker, shower, or sauna; only a well-maintained rest room. there are also several small private rooms for treatments that require privacy—i forget the names, but these are the body-sculpting, hair-removal, and face-tightening treatments, which require big machines and for you to be naked. they also have a semi-private room with just 3-4 beds, which they call the business-class rooms. i got my facial there kasi nahiya naman ako to be lying next to two dozen strangers. this was the first time i had a facial that included an honest-to-goodness facial massage and it actually felt really good! after, the doctor present was convincing me to try a little botox. er, does it hurt? parang kagat lang ng langgam. hello, masakit yon noh?? well, i'm too chicken when it comes to unnecessary pain (actually, for necessary pain too), so i declined. but i said yes to this skin-tightening treatment for the face, which uses this steamer-like machine with a gun thingy that zaps light chuchu where you need it (see how technical i am? hahaha).
sorry, no before-and-after shots this time. upon lying down, your eyes are covered with tiny goggles, then they apply a cold, thick gel on your face to act as a buffer for the zaps. there are a lot of zaps starting with your jawline to your cheeks, around the nose, and finally on the forehead. the doctor did half of my face first, so that i could see the difference. i did notice a very slight difference in the "jowl" area. but of course that could just be my face being naturally lop-sided. then she did the other half. clients, especially celebrity clients, like to get this right before special occasions. it looks like you had something "tweaked." unfortunately, it is temporary, so you have to get this once a week if you want to maintain that "fresh" look. now i understand how some women can get addicted to this stuff. and i don't want to start!! (and at P4,950 per treatment, it's not a cheap addiction!) meanwhile, maintain your skin with flawless products, which are very affordable and cutely packaged!
salamat po, doktor!

for more information, go to