Wednesday, August 24, 2011

beauty blog: flawless

have you guys ever tried flawless? it's an "aesthetic center" that's owned by vicki belo and partners, and they're all over the country. they're mostly mall-based and it's supposed to be a "lower-end" version of the belo clinics, not because the products or machines are cheaper or inferior, but mostly because of the way it's set up. i recently visited the megamall branch and was impressed by the reception area.
but when i went inside the treatment area, i was actually shocked. it was a big room with like 25 beds side by side! parang dorm!
but it is quiet, very clean, lit in a moody way, and clients are all lying down with their eyes closed so you don't have to worry about anybody staring at you haha.. but of course there's no locker, shower, or sauna; only a well-maintained rest room. there are also several small private rooms for treatments that require privacy—i forget the names, but these are the body-sculpting, hair-removal, and face-tightening treatments, which require big machines and for you to be naked. they also have a semi-private room with just 3-4 beds, which they call the business-class rooms. i got my facial there kasi nahiya naman ako to be lying next to two dozen strangers. this was the first time i had a facial that included an honest-to-goodness facial massage and it actually felt really good! after, the doctor present was convincing me to try a little botox. er, does it hurt? parang kagat lang ng langgam. hello, masakit yon noh?? well, i'm too chicken when it comes to unnecessary pain (actually, for necessary pain too), so i declined. but i said yes to this skin-tightening treatment for the face, which uses this steamer-like machine with a gun thingy that zaps light chuchu where you need it (see how technical i am? hahaha).
sorry, no before-and-after shots this time. upon lying down, your eyes are covered with tiny goggles, then they apply a cold, thick gel on your face to act as a buffer for the zaps. there are a lot of zaps starting with your jawline to your cheeks, around the nose, and finally on the forehead. the doctor did half of my face first, so that i could see the difference. i did notice a very slight difference in the "jowl" area. but of course that could just be my face being naturally lop-sided. then she did the other half. clients, especially celebrity clients, like to get this right before special occasions. it looks like you had something "tweaked." unfortunately, it is temporary, so you have to get this once a week if you want to maintain that "fresh" look. now i understand how some women can get addicted to this stuff. and i don't want to start!! (and at P4,950 per treatment, it's not a cheap addiction!) meanwhile, maintain your skin with flawless products, which are very affordable and cutely packaged!
salamat po, doktor!

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