Sunday, August 07, 2011

bohol and beyond tour

on day 2, we did the requisite tour of bohol's famous chocolate hills. here are some shots i took using the miniature setting of my canon s95. funny noh?
of the three times i've seen the chocolate hills, they've never been "chocolate." they're always green. and since i've been here three times, you'd think i'd know how to dress for it! it's always super windy up there!
do not wear:
1. a hat that doesn't secure itself under your chin. by this time, my cap—with my ponytail looped through the hole in the back—had already flown off my head and landed in a puddle. ugh.
2. a dress that can billow and fly up to your face, exposing your kaluluwa. i look preggers in my loose polka-dot muji dress—which i managed to hold down, thank god. i wore this because it kept me cool on this hot hot day and it hid the results of last night's dinner hehe...
3. flip-flops with no traction. these rubber thong sandals by ipanema would be perfect for the beach, but for going up a hundred steps and going down a steep ramp, omg i thought i was going to roll down. i had to hold on to the railing like an old lady.

we also visited a new tarsier sanctuary, which had a little makeshift "forest," where the little guys could live as naturally as possible—albeit being gawked at and photographed by tourists (like us hehe). tarsiers are nocturnal creatures, so they're asleep during the day and shouldn't be disturbed by loud noise, flash from cameras, and, heaven forbid, touching. all those other tarsier places where they were attached to potted plants and where tourists could pose with them and see them up close have all been shut down. and the tarsiers were transferred here. and our guide with the crazy hair used to work in one of those places! here he is now:
here he was last march, flirting with my model jessica and offering her to play with his, er, snake:
here are some of the cute tarsiers we saw that afternoon. peek-a-boo!

then that night, we walked around an area right outside amorita resort, which one of our hosts said reminds her of ubud in bali. i've been to bali, but not the ubud area, so i'll have to take her word for it. there are lots of little restaurants owned and run by europeans who have come to bohol to retire. the restaurants are small, simple, bare-bones, and with no air-conditioning, but are very cozy, relaxed, and full of charm and character. we went resto-hopping, trying little dishes in each one. the three we tried, top to bottom: l'éléphant bleu, jugalis, and c.u.:
finally, the hubby and i strolled down alona beach and had a nightcap in a couple of bars in the strip. highly recommended!

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