Monday, August 29, 2011

cute and cool 4

so all i did on this monday holiday was to stay home and fix my accumulated mess! we don't have household help, we just have a lady who comes in every so often to clean. and in my neighborhood, it really should be every day. so much dust! and i discovered that our doggy got his favorite rubber ball stuck in between the sectional sofa and scratched the living daylights out of the leatherette! (yes, we have a vintage leatherette sectional from the 70s, ok?? don't judge me.) i guess it's time to buy a new sofa or at least a big fat armchair, ideal for lounging in, watching TV, or reading a book or magazine (on the ipad hehe..) i've got my eye on one in dexterton and i'm waiting for it to go on sale *fingers crossed* meanwhile, here are some nice big fat armchairs i've spotted while window shopping and from my travels...

for sale at IDO in quezon city:
papa bear chair at space encounters in pasig:
egg chair repro at dimensione, bonifacio high street:
pop chair upholstered in missoni fabric at a kartell store in bordeaux, france:
armchairs at ikea in madrid, spain:
vintage armchair for sale at not too shabby in san juan:
black armchairs on display during a manila FAME event:
lounge area at hotel eventi, new york:
armchairs upholstered in african fabric for sale at anthropologie in new york:
zebra-print armchair for sale at saya gallery in bali, indonesia:

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Glenn Encinares said...

I love the chair in the last image, the zebra print armchair, so pretty :)