Sunday, August 21, 2011

the fash packs: bicol

it's quite ironic that my dad is from bicol but i had never been there. my lola (may she rest in peace) used to live there and would take the train to manila every so often. (i wonder what those trains are like now? better? worse?) we would look forward to her coming because she would always bring goodies like polboron, ampaw, and pili nuts. i guess that's why our family never had a reason to go there!!

so i feel super lucky to have received a last-minute invitation from the famous misibis bay resort to spend 3d/2n there. (last minute as in departure was the next day!) and guess who was going to be on the flight with us? the one and only pacman!! here he is with jinkee sitting just a couple feet from me:
this was my first time to meet manny pacquiao. in fact, it was my first time to see him in person! we were all staying at misibis bay, but he and his group had their own agenda, and our group had ours. but once in a while, our groups would mesh and everywhere we went, he was like a magnet! people were just drawn to him!
on day 2, we all had lunch together in one big table and i was seated right across him and jinkee. starstruck...
that's when i gave him copies of style weekend when he was on the cover!
and guess who arrived?
it's tessa and the twins! well, tessa is a celebrity in her own right because people also wanted their photos taken with her. and take note, this is her beach attire ha.
manny was on vacation and did all sorts of vacationy things: diving, jetski, ATV, helicopter tour, and segway!
then there was an impromptu press con...
and photo ops and autograph signing for everyone:
including me!
and i suppose manny's night will not be complete without karaoke! (jinkee sang too and she has a good voice!)

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