Saturday, August 06, 2011

the fash packs: bohol

tonight, the hubby and i just got back from a three-day stay in bohol. third time for me, first time for him—bohol virgin no more! second time for me this year, and second time to stay in amorita, a lovely resort on panglao island, situated on a little cliff overlooking alona beach. what a lovely view!
you'll see lots of bancas that can take you snorkeling, diving, or island hopping. there's a staircase that easily leads you down to the beach, where it's nice to stroll, and at night check out the bars (it's been nicknamed "the little boracay," albeit a little quieter and less pretentious). it really reminds me of boracay back in the late 80s/early 90s when the resorts, restaurants, and bars were more like big kubos, instead of the tall, concrete buildings we see today. below, our nice spacious villa with a welcome "sign" made of tiny flower petals on the bed. it said welcome back because they knew!
here's the big baño that's open at the top of the shower area, so be careful not to make strange noises, lest your neighbor hears you. (in fact, i actually heard our neighbor singing in the shower—in a korean accent! hee-hee...)

the view to the patio, which has a dipping pool. too bad we weren't given the ocean view, which is much much nicer.
the first night, we were treated to a new degustacion menu, which they will introduce next month. all the dishes were infused with ginger, which bohol is known for. i liked the little "kick" in every bite. even this freshly baked bread had a bit of ginger in it!
first on the menu is their version of tuna kinilaw with mango carpaccio in the bottom. then some gata (coconut milk) is poured on right before you eat it. this was my favorite. it was fresh, tasty but not overwhelming so, and with very subtle, sophisticated flavors.
next was a light cream of carrot soup, spiked with ginger. sweet with a bit of spicy. very healthy and refreshing.
after a coconut sorbet with ginger syrup to clean the palate, it was time for the main course: beef tenderloin marinated in ginger and grated apple, served with ginger butter on top, bokchoy, gabi purée, and apple salad. hearty but not to the point of heavy.
finally, dessert! orange and ginger panna cotta with ginger syrup, garnished with a thin crispy cookie on top.
kudos to their chef, raphael ongchiong, who trained under the great chef humphrey navarro! tomorrow: a different kind of tour of bohol. (without the loboc river cruise hehe...)

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